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How To Deal With Flashers. (Supports All Network

A friend once flashed me up till the extent that my battery couldn’t take it anymore, it went off after series of missed calls drained all current out of my battery.

I trust MTN when it comes to stealing people’s credit, now all the network just came up with a new way to steal if your privacy is being invaded.

And I believe some of you must had some frustrating flashing event, but after a nice research I came across this tutorial and I decided to share it with you all.

So here is how you can deal with someone who always flash your number.

Follow the steps below and drop your comments! After being flashed by the person, in few minutes, dial this code **21*171 number of the person that always flash you#

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Once the above code is dialled, you have programmed the number of that your flashing friend, but now a days it’s my enemies that flashes me, just to drain my battery’s power.

Note: that any time that person flash you again, then they will deduct N30 credit from his account.

Even if the person did not have upto that N30 on his phone, so far that he flash your number, whenever he loads, they will still deduct the N30 from his account. so, one flash per N30, if the person flash you like 10times, they will deduct N30 × 10 from his account = #300. 
All you have to do is to keep smiling whenever you’re flashed.

Note: if you want to forgive the person and deactivate the code, just dial ##21# .

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