An Update to the October 2016 Fast Proxy Server and Port for Fast Browsing


GET MTN N3,875 to call all network + 312MB data for N1000

Hello Applygist Readers. Use these Magic Proxy Server and Port to see wonders on internet Speed
All are tested and Are blazing like fire.


NOTE:  These proxy Server and Port have not been published specifically for any VPN eg Netloop, Psiphon, Syphon Shield, Simple Server or Tweak Ware.  These are general Server and Port which you can use for any of them



PROXY —— PORT—-  COUNTRY —– LEVEL OF ANONYMITY      80   DE  Germany      anonymous      8888       TH  Thailand      anonymous 8090     VE  Venezuela    elite proxy      808 TW Taiwan  elite proxy     80   DE  Germany      anonymous 80   DE  Germany      anonymous   8080      GN  Guinea  anonymous     8080      SG  Singapore    anonymous 8080      ID   Indonesia      transparent   80   BR  Brazil     transparent     8080      TW Taiwan  transparent    8888       TH  Thailand      anonymous       80   SE   Sweden anonymous     8090     BR  Brazil     elite proxy       8888       TH  Thailand      anonymous    8090   VE  Venezuela    elite proxy     80     US  United States      anonymous     80   US  United States      anonymous
must read:

See how people are downloading faster on Glo    8090   VE  Venezuela    transparent         8088     TW Taiwan        transparent    80     US United States      anonymous      80     US  United States      anonymous         80   US United States      anonymous        3128     SG  Singapore           elite proxy      80    CA  Canada              anonymous       3128      FR   France                anonymous    3128       CL   Chile            anonymous    8080      MY  Malaysia      anonymous       3128      KG  Kyrgyzstan          elite proxy     80         IN   India                   elite proxy     8888        US  United States      elite proxy       80       FR   France   elite proxy     8080       VE  Venezuela    elite proxy      8080          US  United States      anonymous    8080       RU  Russian Federation    anonymous      3128        TH  Thailand      anonymous    8080      US  United States      elite proxy     3128     Russian Federation    anonymous       8080      TH  Thailand      elite proxy


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OTHERS AVAILABLE 8080 NG Nigeria transparent

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