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How to permanently change any Adndorid or iOS Phone IME 8 Easy steps

11 Reasons Why use this software to change your Phone IME


 Adndorid or iOS Phone IME
How to permanently change any Adndorid or iOS Phone IME

IME Tweaking is now rampant among Android Users; this could be seen as Android Jail break to cheap data and other services. In view of this, we bring to you other dynamic tutorials on how you can tweak any Android phone. Most of the times, some phones tend to resist tweaking codes, but today that madness will end. On this post, we will give you our IMEI software that is available for free downloading. Most cell devices are using 15 digits combination IMEI number, but in some cases you may find out specific cell devices that contain even longer IMEI numbers.


Why use this software to tweak your Phone
  1. You will get a New IMEI number.
  2. It makes an android phone not blacklisted.
  3. You can buy cheap android phone, change his IMEI number and use it.
  4. It is how to get a completely new android phone.
  5. With this software, you can unblock android phone on any network
  6. The android phone company will not have any information’s for your device.
  7. You will have a brand new cell that is not reported like lost or stolen.
  8. The tool works on any android phone that has this number no matter the android phone model. 
  9. This IMEI number changer works on locked cell phone on any carrier in the world.
  10. You can get information about some cell phone that you want to buy..
  11. This process can remove the lock on your cell device. 
 Steps: follow this steps carefully
    • First of all, write down your present IMEI number; to get it dial *#06# on your keypad.

Download and Install http://epctrking.com/149471

  • Connect your android phone to your PC via USB cable.
  • Start the changer IMEI on your PC.
  • Put your IMEI number, country and carrier in empty spaces.
  • Click CHANGE button.
  • After changing IMEI process you will get your new IMEI code in the changer window.
  • Start your android phone and put any SIM card. And enjoy your tweaked device

  The changer works on any android or iOS version so you can change IMEI number on any cell phone or iPhone.  
Written by Mokoshalb Global Pimpz   

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