GLO Cheapest DATA IN NIGERIA, Glo Bunper Offers 1GIG FOR N500, 4.5 GIG FOR N2500, 9GIG for N4000 10 GIG N500


GLO or GLOBACOM LIMITED Has unleashed New Data packages for its customers which offers cheapest data plan in Nigeria.



You can Now enjoy Terrific CHEAP Data from GlO. This Codes show how you can get free and Cheap data to surf the internet this Seasons. 

No one so far has given this kind of Bonanzer for Cheap Data in Nigeria. Just follow the simple tricks bellow

All codes are original Publication from GLO Official website non of the following is Fraudulent or mischievous. 


  1. DIAL  *777# to choose a campus booster plan of your choice for Campus Booster Packages, 
  2. Allso add an extra 1GB with a Data Booster of only N500. Dial *777#
  3. Get the new Bumper Offer of 1.5GB for just N1,000.
  4. Do u want added data to ur current plan? Also boost ur current plan by 1GB, If u r outta data before the end of ur validity, u can boost ur plan by 1GB for just N500. Dial *777#. 
  5.  Glo Bumper Offers Get 4.5GB for N2500 OR 9GB for N4000. Dial *777# now. 
  6. 5 GIG FOR JUST N5000 




About the ongoing GLO BUMPER OFFERS

• How can I buy these plans?
To buy the Plans you have to dial *777# and choose a campus booster plan of your choice.
• Will a normal data plan work in the campus to double the data?
No, Only the Campus Booster Plans would work in the campus to double the data.
• What if I already have an existing data plan and I buy the campus booster plan?
The Campus Booster would be parked behind the current data plan and would get activated once the current plan finishes.
• Can I share the Campus Booster Plan?
• Can I Gift the Campus Booster Plan?
• How will customers be notified of the offer?
Customer with be notified via sms on entry into the campus.
• Can I carry forward the unused campus booster data?
• How can I view the data plan usage from my Glo line?
Plan usage can be viewed using *127*0# or by visiting or dial *777# for data balance enquiry
• How does the Campus Booster Plan work outside the campus?
The plan would work like a normal plan out side the Campus Booster Zone.
• Is there a list of institutions that are covered for Campus Booster Plans?
Yes there is a list which can be found on the Gloworld Website.
• What happens if I had a previous HSI subscription?
New data bundle purchase is paused on PRE ACTIVE state and will only be active on expiration of the initial data plan.
• Will gifted plan also enjoy campus booster at any location?
No. The Double Data can be enjoyed only in Campus and hence it will work as a normal data plan outside campus.
• What happens if I don’t use the Campus Booster Data Plan once I have bought?
Plan remains in Pre active state but once active would expire based on volume/validity parameters whichever comes first.
• How do I check my remaining data volume?
Same as before: view on portal; text ‘info’ to 127 or dial *127*0# or dial *777# for data balance enquiry.
• What happens if I can’t configure my device to browse?
If your device is not configured for HSI, then send ‘flat’ to 1234. Save the settings received and start browsing. If you already have your device configured for HSI, just simply start browsing.
• What Campuses have the Glo Campus Data Booster?
The Glo Campus Data Booster is available in over 300 institutions in Nigeria. Find the list of school in the table below:


 kindly dial *777*0# or send STATUS to 777 to check your data plan balance

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