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April, 2017

  • 16 April

    Jon Guerra – I Will Follow (Official Lyric Video)


  • 15 April

    Android Trojan Targeting Over 420 Banking Apps In Google Play Store

    Do you like watching funny videos online? I am not kind of a funny person, but I love watching funny videos clips online, and this is one of the best things that people can do in their spare time. But, beware if you have installed a funny video app from Google Play Store. A security researcher has discovered a new …

  • 15 April

    Fingerprint May Not Be As Safe As you Think

    SAN FRANCISCO, April 15 — Fingerprint sensors have turned modern smartphones into miracles of convenience. A touch of a finger unlocks the phone — no password required. With services like Apple Pay or Android Pay, a fingerprint can buy a bag of groceries, a new laptop or even a US$1 million (RM4.4 million) vintage Aston Martin. And pressing a finger …

  • 15 April

    New Offer! Get N1950 to call all networks + 100MB data

    Very simple Just textSMS V500 to 131. Cost N500. Val/7days Kelvin Alexander

  • 12 April

    How To Activate Google Assistant On Any Android Device

    This is basically a How To Get Google Assistant Article/Tutorial Some week s ago it was announced that the Google Assistant would be made available/rolled out to android Marshmallow and Nougat users with a select number of phones like the Pixel and Nexus getting it first. Having the Google Assistant on your android is same as having an improved AI …

  • 11 April

    Robótica Educativa. O futuro dos estudantes – Educational Robotics. The future of students

    Robótica Educativa. O futuro dos <> O que é a Robótica Educativa? STEM What is the Educational Robotics? STEM ( Science , Technology, Engineering , Mathematics).   6 Are paid and free VPN services equal in their opportunities- Sponsored Post A robótica educativa é um sistema de ensino. Através de desafio se diversão faz os alunos desenvolver uma gama de habilidades em …

  • 8 April

    YouTube Go Beta Has Been Officially Released India.

    YouTube Go app is launched for countries with slow Internet connection. This is just the Beta app, and it works similarly to the main YouTube Android app, but this Beta version has the option to download a video for offline viewing. At long last, YouTube Go app has officially rolled out in India. The Beta version has been rolled out …

  • 8 April

    Wow! You can now activate 20% data bonus on your MTN line for free, when activated, you will be getting free 20% of any data you purchased – just like the 100% data bonus. This offer is only available to all MTN users, if only you activate it yourself. There are some people that have been finding it difficult to …

  • 7 April

    WonderShare Dr Fone For Android: Data Recovery Solution that Rocks!!

    WonderShare Dr. Fone is a $100 data recovery program that helps you to recover your lost data including text messages, contacts, files, images, videos and whatsoever is important for you. Dr. Fone is a perfectly designed software that works with almost all iOS and Android devices. It enables you to recover data directly from almost all your Android devices, iPhone …

  • 1 April

    10 Hilarious APRIL FOOLS Pranks To Try At Home (Compilation)

  • 1 April

    How CIA was Hacking Your IPhone And Macbooks

    As part of its “Vault 7” series, Wikileaks — the popular whistle-blowing platform — has just released another batch of classified documents focused on exploits and hacking techniques the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) designed to target Apple MacOS and iOS devices. Dubbed “Dark Matter,” the leak uncovers macOS vulnerabilities and attack vectors developed by a special division of the CIA …

  • 1 April

    RedAlert#Verizon To Pre-install Spyware to collect User data on its Android phones

    If the death of online privacy rules wasn’t enough for Internet Service Providers and advertisers to celebrate, Verizon has planned to pre-install spyware on customers’ Android devices in order to collect their personal data. The telecom giant has partnered with Evie Launcher to bring a new application called ‘AppFlash‘ — a universal search bar that will come pre-installed on the …

March, 2017

  • 29 March

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 | Review

  • 29 March

    Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ UNBOXING

  • 29 March

    Watch Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Live Reveal: Bigger Screen, VR, Bixby & More |…