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WonderShare Dr Fone For Android: Data Recovery Solution that Rocks!!

WonderShare Dr. Fone is a $100 data recovery program that helps you to recover your lost data including text messages, contacts, files, images, videos and whatsoever is important for you. Dr. Fone is a perfectly designed software that works with almost all iOS and Android devices. It enables you to recover data directly from almost all your Android devices, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, fourth generation iPod, iPad1 and many others.

Why WonderShare Dr. Fone?
There are several reasons why I am recommending you WonderShare Dr. Fone over all other data recovery solutions. Following are the few reasons, have a look on them.

Supports Several Bands of Android and Other Devices:
WonderShare Dr. Fone is a renowned data recovery system that supports a wide range of devices including china and low devices as well. We have successfully used the software on some un popular devices like Samsung Pocket, Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 and some others. The results were no doubt amazing.
It supports 80% iOS and Android devices disregard to their brands.

All you need to do is:
1. Permit USB DEBUGGING on your Android/other device.
2. Connect your device to the computer and install the drivers properly.
3. Install the trial version of WonderShare Dr. Fone first. It will help you to understand the functions and working.
4. Wait and see if your phone is detected.

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Supports Various File Formats:

WonderShare Dr. Fone rocks when it comes to data recovery. It recovers your all data from your images, photos, and videos to contacts, messages and other important data and files. WonderShare Dr. Fone supports almost all the android devices as well as some specific file formats including jpg, gif, png, xml, csv, html, vcf, mp3, mp4, docx, doc and some more. All you required to do is just select the category and let the system work for you.


Easy and Simple In Use:

The user interface of WonderShare Dr. Fone is so simple and easy. Anyone without any technical skills can run the software. In addition to this It is lightweight and can be run on any windows computer starting from windows xp.


1. Find lots and lots of missing files.
2. Will be guiding you on every step.
1. Expensive.

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WonderShare Dr. Fone is awesome and does not require any technical skills. Simple men with the basic computer knowledge can use it. The only drawback of WonderShare Dr. Fone is that it is little pricy. But if an important photo/file or document is been deleted from your device, you will have an idea that some things are priceless.

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