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2024 Tech Tips for Every Student

Technology is changing work and education, and students need to adapt to the rapid changes in innovation. Despite the benefits of tech, some challenges have emerged over the years including those relating to security and distraction. This article focuses on tips students can use this year to benefit from the potential of technology in academia.

Embrace the Role of Generative AI
One thing that emerging this year when it comes to the use of tech in academia is generative AI. Here, generative AI is the type of deep learning artificial intelligence tool capable of producing different types of content, including synthetic, audio, imagery, and text data. Generative AI has the ability to adapt educational material to suit the individual learning needs, interests, styles, and abilities of students. AI can also offer immediate feedback to students and provide learning support. The interactive process between tech and learners creates more effective learning and caters to the learning needs, including students with disabilities, as that way such students can order custom paper writing services online.

Students need to understand that generative AI can also make education more accessible and inclusive for people with diverse learning needs. Students from underserved and remote areas can use generative AI tools like ChatGPT to customize learning to their needs and get customized learning experiences. That said, it is important to understand that the use of generative artificial comes with some risks. One risk is the fact that there are issues relating to the reliability and biases present in content created using generative AI. According to evidence, there is often some degree of bias present in AI-generated content.

Master the Keyboard
Keyboarding is a crucial skill that students need to master if they are to completely benefit from the potential held by educational technology. While most people can type on keyboards, touch typing is a completely different skill. It means entering words with high typing speed and amazing accuracy without looking at the keyboard to search for letters. According to evidence, students who touch type end up saving hundreds of hours each year, which is crucial given the hectic nature of campus life.

Touch typing allows you to complete your assignments faster and create room for other important activities. You will be more productive and will worry less about time management and the stresses of a hectic campus schedule. Those who can touch type are also more confident on how they handle computer-based workloads. So, this is the year to say goodbye to typing only with one finger and your thumb, as this means that you spend more time writing papers and emails. Focus on learning the art of touch typing,

Learn Software Basics
This year is the best time to improve your knowledge of how some basic software works. We don’t mean that you enrol in a computer science course. Rather, truly benefiting from the potential held by information technology in education requires users to at least know how certain tools like Word, and Excel work. A good understanding of the basic programs will give you insights on how to manage most other software options you encounter.

Accessing the best technologies without knowing how to use them is similar to having the nicest car without understanding its full capabilities and functionality. Learning software basics boosts your confidence when using tech and is good for your morale. Investing in improving your understanding of software means investing in your skills and capabilities and could also expand your job prospects in the future. Most importantly, someone with better software knowledge is likely to have better output when using devices as they focus on the what rather than the how of how technology works. In the end, such people get more work done in less time.

Know your online resources: What are good websites to use when researching, to review your paper to make sure you haven’t plagiarized or to help you write the bibliography at the end of your document?

Work on Password Management
One of the biggest problems that comes to technology relates to data and device security. As more people do their work, studies, and socializing online, the cases of data breaches and identity theft have become more rampant. You need to learn how to create a strong barrier to keep hackers and scammers away through effective password management and two-factor authentication.

Here password management means creating strong passwords to keep your information private. This should have multiple characters and should be long. Avoid the temptation to reveal your passwords to others, even when the deal seems good. We recommend using different passwords for each account. The implication here is that a breach on one account will not affect others.

You can also use multi-factor authentication to enhance the security of your accounts. Experts warn that even a strong password may not be enough to prevent unauthorized access. Two-factor authentication offers an additional layer of protection. Remember, length is more important than complexity when it comes to choosing your password. When creating passwords, go for a combination that is hard to guess. You can use a password manager to store and retrieve your passwords.

Don’t Post Everything on Social Media
One of the biggest mistakes people make online is sharing too much information, which puts them at risk. So many people walk around posting themselves and vital private information that could expose them to criminals. With more than 70% of people on social media, likely, some details posted on social such as schools and streets around the home may open you to stalking and identity fraud. Young adults are encouraged to keep certain personal information private especially official names, dates of birth, and home addresses. Also, consider keeping your social media profile private.

This article highlights some of the most basic technology tips for college students. In addition to these, you need to stop cyberbullying. When it comes to tech, understand that learning and failing are more efficient than cheating. This year, you need to understand the security risks you face when working online. Make sure to connect wisely and back up your data.

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