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2024: How To Install CorelDraw X7 on Windows

On this occasion, I will share how to install CorelDraw X7 on Windows permanently.

Immediately follow the steps below:

For the first step turn off the connection and all existing antivirus on the computer or laptop friends, then extract the RAR file and wait until the extract process is complete;

Then open the folder and select the appropriate bits on the laptop or computer friends, because my laptop is 64bit I select Corel Draw X7 which is Windows 64bit;

Then right-click on CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 Installer_EN 64 Bit file and select Run as administrator;

And wait until there is a displays;

Then click Continue and tick the text I accept the terms … and directly Click Next;

Then click on the circle I have a serial number;

And then extract keygen;

Open Keygen select CorelDraw graphics suite X7 enter the serial number from Keygen to CorelDraw, then click Next;

Then select Custom Installation, and select just the top one and click Next;


Next again;

Then click Install Now and wait until the Install process is complete;

When finished, just click Finish and CorelDraw X7 is ready for use;

And Happy Work….

So, this is how to install CorelDraw X7 from me hopefully useful, this is solely for educational purposes, it is not intended for any commercial purpose.

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