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How to block ads Android on rooted phone?

Advertising is useful for promoting brands, but when using mobile devices while surfing the Internet, its overabundance can be disturbing and annoying. Recent studies have shown that 50% of mobile traffic goes to download marketing blocks, so it is not surprising that many gadget users want to get rid of annoying ads. Blockers can help block ads on Android. There are several ways to perform blocking on your phone: you need root access or install third-party apps.

Google Adds Privacy Control to Android 11 System Update

With the presence of root rights blocking ads on Android in browsers and games is much easier, so developers give preference to the release of programs for devices with access rights.

We have tested and selected several ad blockers that work both on rooted devices and phones without root rights. Among them, there are effective blockers that allow you to filter unwanted and malicious content quickly and seamlessly. Here are some of them.


The app removes banners and pop-ups in games, videos, and loading ad sites in browsers. It is available for installation on both smartphones and android tablets. AWAX allows you to view video content on YouTube by blocking ads on Android devices.

Advantages of the AWAX software package:

  • systematic scanning of software and content;
  • interactive filter system with traffic distribution via VPN;
  • simple management interface;
  • 100% protection against phishing links and trackers;
  • increased device performance and traffic savings;
  • constantly updated threat library;
  • flexible service charging policy.

The AWAX installation is available in the regular Google Play app store, where you get the original software that can block ads in Chrome on Android, dangerous traffic, or malware. The AWAX mobile app is used by many as the best ad-blocking tool for devices with/without root.

Adblock Plus

A simple and effective way to block ads on Android that is available to download from Google Play or the official website. It works correctly both on rooted and normal devices, although non-rooted users have to make additional settings.

The benefits of software:

  • blocks ads on YouTube on Android and filters web traffic in Chrome and Firefox browsers;
  • works in the background;
  • is open-source.

After installing Adblock on rooted devices, the user allows the software access only to superuser rights and enables filtering.

AdAway (only root)

AdAway is an Android ad block with a simple interface. You can download the basic file for free from the F-Droid service, and you will need root access to install it. The blocking mechanism is done through modified host files, which are stored only in the read-only part of the system. This is why you need root access. You can always change the host files with a simple extension if you want.


Now you know how to block ads on Android with different blocker apps and extensions. As you can see, this market of software solutions for rooted android phones is quite extensive. But if you want to completely eliminate “harmful” content not only on the website pages but also in games, YouTube, and popular browsers, then choose the leader in this direction – universal app AWAX.

AWAX has earned the right to be called the best ad blocker by 2022, with functionality that works on any device. Get ad-free video streaming for yourself. Optimize your device with innovative algorithms that fight both spam and malware. No more tracking and banners in your digital life with AWAX’s versatile tool!

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