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Essential Features To Look for in Technology Expense Management Software
Essential Features To Look for in Technology Expense Management Software

4 Ways To Make Money Writing Online

There are different ways of making money online right now, and it doesn’t really matter what part of the world you are. However, one of the easiest ways to make money online is via writing.

Technology and the internet in particular has been a blessing to us, particularly the younger generation. This is because, right now, with just a smartphone or laptop, you are exposed to a whole lot of opportunities that can bring good resources to you.

If you know how to write, you can read these things and learn how to make money writing online.

1. Use Amazon To Make Money Online

One of the best ways to make money writing online is by writing books and selling on a platform like Amazon. Don’t forget that Amazon is an established platform which is tested and proven.

As you should have known, the company has been in existence for many years now, and a lot of writers have been using it from different parts of the world.

One of the nice things about Amazon is that you are not limited, but can publish different types of books as much as you want to. There are no restrictions to the number of books you can publish as an author. The ball is in your courts. You can write on any good topic and get it published on Amazon.

It is very easy to get your book on the platform, as the company has a platform that is really innovative and simple to use. With just some clicks, you will get your book in front of thousands of people from different parts of the world. We should add that Amazon is the big boy when it comes to selling ebooks. A lot of ebook buyers will rather buy their ebook on Amazon.

Therefore, if you want to make good money writing online, it is very recommended that you give good attention to Amazon and sell your book with ease. You don’t need to wait for any middleman to share your revenue with you, because you can always do them yourself.

It is however important to stress the importance of writing and publishing nothing but good books on the platform. This is because, there are already so many books on amazon already, as expected (and more are being uploaded daily). Therefore, you must write a good book that sells.

However, it is not enough to write a good book. It is important to be ready to market your books to increase your chances of getting more sales.

2. Smashwords

Snashwords have been around for many years too, and it’s one of the strongest online publishing platforms out there. One of the interesting things about this platform is that it distributes your ebooks across several online stores all around the world.

While smashwords is not as big as Amazon, it can help you reach a lot ebook readers and increase your chances of selling more. All you have to do is to upload your ebook on the platform, and it will send the book to other platforms for you free of charge. When people buy your book from those platforms, you will be updated right there on your dashboard on smashwords.

3. Bambooks.io

You can also make money writing online by publishing on this platform. While this one is not as big as several others like Amazon and Smashwords, you can still come in and try to take a slice from it.

Actually, the way Bambooks works is that authors are paid when readers read a particular number of their books on the platform. You should know that the platform is one where people can pay a monthly fee to access any kind of book they want. If you then want to be paid, then your book must be read. The more your book is being read, the more money you tend to make.

It is necessary to place emphasis on the fact that the competition is stiff out there. Therefore, the way to help yourself is to do a lot with marketing and promotion, and this takes strategy. But if you can get it right, then you will have an edge over many other authors who don’t give attention to these things (or don’t even know how to go about it).

4. Freelance Websites

You can make good money as a writer by selling your articles on freelance platforms. When these platforms came, they made it very easy for many writers to do a lot with their writing skills. It is simple to join these platforms and get started as soon as possible.

There are popular freelance websites we can recommend for writers, such as fiverr and freelancer.com. These are some of the most prominent websites where you can sell your articles and make good money doing all of these.

These freelance platforms have been around for many years now and they have a good reputation. They can be trusted, and can be recommended to writers from different parts of the world. There are many clients usually eager to get people write for them, since not everyone can do these things themselves. Also, even though many others can write by themselves, they don’t have the time to always right and will usually reach out to writers that have time to do so for them.

There are freelance writers who have been able to build a great career through these freelance platforms and are doing fine. You can make good money selling articles on these platforms too.

In Conclusion

There are good ways you can make money online by writing. You can sell your books online via platforms like Amazon and you will do well if you sell good books. You can put your book on smashwords too and reach out to a lot of ebook readers. You can also offer freelance writing services on websites like fiverr and freelancer.com.

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