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3 Smart Ways To Make More Money As An Author

3 Smart Ways To Make More Money As An Author

Only few authors are making a whole lot of money as authors writing books. One of the reasons for this
seems to be due to the high competition out there. Don’t forget that are so many people now writing
and publishing books almost everyday, and it means the competition is real and severe.

make money
Make money

However, we have to admit that technology has helped brought up platforms that can help authors
make good money. Many years ago, the average writer has to hope that a traditional publisher will help
them publish their book. Unfortunately, a very large percentage where turned down almost every now
and then. Therefore, so many couldn’t get their stuff published.

But today, there are platforms to publish your book yourself and get many people from around the
world reading your book. You can also make good money selling your book (both in print version and
digital). For many writers and authors, even if the proceeds from their books can’t make them wealthy
in itself, at least it can be used to sort out some responsibilities.

Some of the prominent platforms that have rescued many writers includes Amazon, Smashwords, and
so on. Anyone can decide to create an account today on these platforms and then start publishing their
books all by themselves immediately.

These platforms revolutionised how things are done in this industry, and it has been really helpful to
numerous writers in different parts of the world. With a platform like Amazon, you can put your books
in front of many book readers from different countries, and you can expect a measure of success if your
books are good.

However, in this article, we want to draw your attention to some smart ways you can take advantage of
as an author to make even more money doing what you are passionate about.

3 Smart Ways To Make More Money As An Author

1. Take Advantage Of Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform where any competent person can create courses and publish for
free. There are thousands of instructors on the website already, connecting with students from different
parts of the world and doing great at what they do.

How does this applies to you as an author? You can smartly turn your book (or part of it) into a course
and sell on Udemy. This way, you won’t simply be looking towards amazon and Smashwords alone, but
can create more opportunities for yourself.

As an author, this should be easy for you, particularly if we should consider how you are likely an expert
in the things you have written. And even when you get your course on a platform like Udemy, you can
still leverage on the website to sell your books.

While there are several websites where one can sell their online courses, Udemy keeps standing out
easily for good reasons. The company provides good support to people for developing and selling their
courses online.

It is easy to get started with Udemy. You become a premium instructor for selling the course on this
learning platform, and they even have a center on their site that will help you know the things you
should know to sell your course successfully.

2. Use Babelcube

Another smart way to reach out to many people with your book (which translate into more money) is to
make use of Babelcube. This is a big platform that is pretty very innovative, as it is determined to take
books global.

Babelcube is making it easy to go all around the world with your books, where different people can read
your books without being hindered by language barrier (and you will eventually be able to make more
money too). This platform is moving things from a situation where books are usually available in a single
language to one that will be saturated with books in several languages.

The website uses an innovative way to get the job done, providing a straightforward way for publishers
and independent book authors to work with translators and sell their books in multiple languages all
around the world. All these are done for free. The author and the translators only get to share the
royalties, and that is it. It is not a case of you having to pay the translators to carry out the job. On the
other hand, it has been made in such a way that both of you will share what you earn. This seems fair to

3. Use A Blog

Another smart way to make more money as an author is to take advantage of the power of a blog. It is
very likely that you are already familiar with what a blog is. If you don’t, then you sbou know that a blog
is like an online diary where people can keep publishing different posts as much as they want.

On your blogs, you can easily advertise your books and you can drive sales to it from your blog. It is
helpful if you know how to get traffic to your blog. The more readers you can drive to your blog, the
more people you will likely have to your book, and the more sales you will likely record.

If you can learn how to get traffic to your blog using search engines like Google Search, it will be
beneficial to you. To achieve this, you need to learn how to do well when it comes to Search Engine
Optimization (SEO). You can always hire others to do it for you if you are not good with it.

One of the things you can do to keep your blog going is to share short pieces from your books at
different times. These things will help your blog to be busy, and readers will have a lot of things to read
about. You can even decide to monetize your blog with something like Google Adsense, and you will
keep earning good money.

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