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What to Know Before Moving to the West Coast
What to Know Before Moving to the West Coast

What to Know Before Moving to the West Coast

What to Know Before Moving to the West Coast

If you are coming from the midwest or the east coast, you might not think things are going to be so different. After all, it’s just a different part of the same country. If you’ve had the luxury of traveling around the US, you’ll probably have a good idea of what you’ll find elsewhere.

Given you’re someone that’s not spent much time outside of their hometown, you might be shocked at how different things are out here. The move will still be an amazing experience, so don’t not do it because of that, but just maybe keep these few things in mind and you’ll surely be ready by the time you arrive.

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What to Know Before Moving to the West Coast
What to Know Before Moving to the West Coast

Get Ready For Great Weather

Now mind you, when someone says there’s great weather, that might not be the same weather you’re picturing. Some think a perfect day is going to be around 60 degrees and others are going to think anything below 80 degrees is too cold for them.

The amazing thing about the west coast is that you’ll be able to find the place that fits your idea of perfect weather. With how diverse the climate can be depending where you are, you’ll be sure to find perfect weather no matter if you want to wear a hoodie every day or you’re hoping for a shorts year around type of place.

The Cost Of Living

A lot of the west coast is a perfect mixture of a great climate, beautiful cities, and booming industries. While all of those make for an amazing experience once you’re settled, getting settled might be the hard part. 

All those factors are going to drive up the prices of homes and many of the major cities are as developed as they are going to be so the amount of housing is finite, and therefore more valuable.

Looking at Los Angeles homes for sale, for example, might be cause for a little shock if you are from a more rural part of the country. However, if you can afford to rent or buy in a city like that you are sure to have an amazing and nearly unmatchable experience compared to anywhere else in the US, or the world. 

The Food

A major topping on the offerings of the west coast is going to be the food. Zoom out, for a second, and don’t even think about what type of foods are your favorite. Just think about how much of a difference fresh ingredients make. 

For mostly anywhere throughout the country, a major amount of our produce comes from California. Since there’s vast areas with year-round temperate climates, that means absolutely delicious ingredients are in season every day of the year.

Even if you aren’t considering California as a west coast state for you, this is still something you’ll absolutely benefit from by being closer by. You might not think of this as much once you’re there, but you are sure to notice it the first time you are back home visiting where you used to live and foods not quite as good as you remember it.

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