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Realestateko: The Digital Agency Disrupting the Real Estate Industry in Lagos, Nigeria

Realestateko: The Digital Agency Disrupting the Real Estate Industry in Lagos, Nigeria

The results that digital marketing provides in the real estate industry are transformative. This makes digital marketing the future of the real estate industry.

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No doubt, people will make a final decision after they see the property they like in person. However, investors usually carry out in-depth research before they view properties. Therefore, realtors need to have a strong presence on the internet. It is this strong online presence that Realestateko helps real estate companies create. They focus on online marketing to help real estate companies generate top-quality leads and close more deals.

How Realestateko is Disrupting the Real Estate Industry in Lagos, Nigeria

Realestateko offers several digital solutions that help residential and commercial real estate developers, realtors, and real estate companies grow their businesses. Some of the solutions that Realestateko deploys to disrupt the real estate sector in Lagos, Nigeria include the following:

Social Media Lead Generation.

Different commercial projects have different sizes, scopes, costs, and locations. With this in mind, Realestateko helps their clients create a strong digital presence that helps them keep in touch with the ever-evolving technological developments; thereby staying on course with the changing times.

Realestateko uses social media platforms to continuously research their client’s target audience and also know why their audience gets involved with their brands. This goes a long way in boosting the exposure of stakeholders in the real estate industry.

Digital Marketing Automation

Real estate agents usually have little time in between their daily work activities to execute digital marketing solutions on their own. Digital marketing entails engaging and continuously developing content and doing customization.

Due to the insufficient time that real estate agency owners have, Realestateko helps them make the best use of this time by setting up the right automation solutions that take care of their content marketing, email campaigns, and messaging, amongst others.

Realtors Chatbots

Chatbots are not new in the digital space. This technology uses voice, text, and messages to engage with customers. As a matter of fact, chatbots have been used much longer than virtual reality. However, they are now becoming more important in the real estate industry.

The chatbot market is expected to reach $1.25 billion in the next few years. Realestateko uses chatbots as part of the support tools for their real estate clients.

They design chatbots that promote their clients’ listings and real estate services. These apps use chatbots to help their clients promote their offers while also providing a personalised customer support experience.

The main reason why chatbots have been successfully used by Realestateko to grow their clients’ agencies is that they are capable of quickly and accurately answering questions. Also, they can gather data about users. This data can then be analysed to boost the real agencies’ interaction with their audience. In a nutshell, Realestateko helps real estate companies deal with their customers more responsively.

Digital marketing is highly valuable in the real estate sector. However, it is important to understand your target market before you deploy any digital marketing strategy. Knowing who your ideal customers are will help you make use of the best real estate marketing solutions.

Realestateko helps realtors (and other stakeholders in the real estate industry) with this by fine-tuning their online branding to create an online presence that is not only consistent and recognizable but also suits the specific needs of customers.

Those that want to buy or rent properties are always surfing the internet. This makes it more critical for real estate agents to have a strong internet presence; They help agents meet this need.

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