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How to Choose the Best Online Casino Bonuses

How to Choose the Best Online Casino Bonuses

How to Choose the Best Online Casino Bonuses
How to Choose the Best Online Casino Bonuses

Beginner’s Guide to Online Casino Bonuses

If you’re a beginner in gambling, you probably will search for casinos offering more attractive promotions and bonuses. That is a good strategy for a new gambler because this way you may come across some interesting perks. However, a really good choice requires doing good research.

Before you enter “the best casino bonuses” on your browser search, we recommend learning the types of bonus offers and their features. This guide is exactly what you need to do that. Today Gamblechief.com will provide you with the most relevant information about casinos’ bonus policies. Let’s not waste our time and learn what casino bonuses are.

What are casino bonuses?

Almost every gambling platform available to play online has a range of promotions rewarding their clients with different prizes. These promotions are offered mostly to new users but some websites may reward registered gamblers as well.

The number of available casino bonuses depends on the casino’s capabilities. Before you sign up for any of them, it’s suggested to read reviews on their promotions. We recommend relying on real people who have good experience in gambling and can provide you with frank reviews on the requested online casino bonuses.

Bonuses are basically designed to help customers win more money in shorter terms. However, they work not as simple as you could have thought. That is why you won’t be able to receive benefits from using them all the time. Let’s figure this out in the following paragraph.

How does an online casino bonus work?

Many new clients are always curious about that question. How does the online casino bonus work and how can I know that I will benefit from it? Well, the answer to the second part of this question is dramatically simple – you can never be sure that you’ll multiply your total bank with the help of any promotion because everything totally depends on your fortune.

This is related to the concept of such offers. The key thing about this concept is the notion of wagering or playthrough requirements imposed on every client claiming any kind of bonus. What does it mean for you as a player? Simply speaking, these conditions require gambling platform’s clients to wager a certain amount before the bank might be withdrawn. The rates might be different for every website but be sure that you won’t find any reliable casino providing casino sign up offers without wagering requirements.

Let’s take a short look at one real example of the casino bonus – 100% to $300+100FS. This option is quite common for many gambling industry participants. According to the conditions of this bonus, your rewarding amount cannot be higher than $300 whatever the deposit is. You also get 100 free spins but this number is usually issued within a few days. For instance, if the wagering requirements are 40x, you need to calculate the sum, which will be allowed to be withdrawn, with this formula – (your deposit+100% of your deposit)*40.

Claiming for bonuses is easy. Many companies don’t even require clients to enter special bonus codes – just meet the stated conditions provided in the promotion description.

Types of casino bonuses

There are different variations of bonus offers. Some gambling platforms may offer options combining features of the most common types listed below. We want to introduce you to the basic types of casino promotions which is when you buy casino backlinks. Every represented variant has its own beneficial and non-beneficial characteristics. You should consider all of them if you want to receive a really valuable reward.

Welcome bonus

How to Choose the Best Online Casino Bonuses
How to Choose the Best Online Casino Bonuses

A welcome bonus is a promotion delivered to clients who create new accounts on a gambling platform. Its major purpose is to reward them with attractive prizes and stimulate beginners to play their games.

In the vast majority of cases, sign-up bonus requires making the first deposit. After that, a client might be rewarded with a certain deposit percentage, or with a fixed amount of money or free spins.

A casino welcome bonus amount is often available on some games. A sign up bonus casino with wide audiences may provide these offers to all the customers, no matter which games they prefer to play.

Daily bonus

This option isn’t quite frequent but still, it can bring you some advantages if you find one offered by any casino. As you can guess from this game, daily bonuses are given on certain days or every day. The requirements for claiming a daily bonus are different. In some cases, customers are provided with this promotion after making deposits of certain amounts on special days. In other cases, gamblers need to succeed in the required achievements to get the reward. Such prizes are usually not very significant. The good thing is that they do not always come with wagering requirements.

No deposit bonus

No deposit promotions are free, which is the most attractive feature about such bonuses. You aren’t required to deposit a minimum amount so you may try titles riskless. Not every casino offers such perks so we recommend exploring the list of those who do – gamblechief.com/casino-bonuses/no-deposit. If a no deposit bonus is available, try to benefit from it. At least, you’ll lose nothing.

Deposit bonus

A casino deposit bonus is the most common offer for the welcome bonus. Deposit bonuses may also come in the form of daily offers. Clients are required to deposit a minimum amount, then they can multiply their total bank by a certain percentage of the deposited amount.

Free spins

Free spins usually come as additional perks to welcome promotions. They might be also activated by a combination of certain symbols in slot machines. The probability to hit such combinations depends not on casinos but on slots themselves. Study the paytable of the favorite slot to explore whether free spins are available there.

Bonus codes

Bonus codes are designed to activate bonuses. Some bonus codes, as well as the deposited amounts, may impact the number of received rewards. Bonus codes are displayed on the casino website. Be attentive because sometimes they might be updated.


The more bonuses are offered by the platform, the more attractive this platform seems to its clients. Remember that relying just on the bonus’s title isn’t a wise decision – better to study its terms and conditions. Then, you have a higher chance to withdraw good money.

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