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Make Money With Microsoft Word

Make Money With Microsoft Word
If you can read this right now, then you most likely know what microsoft word is. You know, this is one of the prominent things Bill Gates is known for. Obviously, we can agree that this is one of the most successful products from Microsoft. It is obvious that folks using Word are much more than those using the likes of microsoft excel or powerpoint. Perhaps because Word is more versatile than the rest, and also easier to learn, in terms of usage.
But let’s say you don’t know what Microsoft word is. It is fine. This is actually a software from Microsoft that is used to make documents. It is used for typing, designing, etc. You can make use of the software to type stuff, and make a document with it (which can be transferred and transmitted electronically via email or other mediums, and can even be printed to become hardcopies).
Now, this article is about seeing some ways you can utilize microsoft word to make money. Of course, this software is a very powerful one, which unfortunately, is not being maximized by many people. It is very likely that you have a computer. It is also very likely that your computer has microsoft word already installed in it. Unfortunately, many folks only use their gadgets for unproductive things like movies, games and meaningless chattings.
If you are from a developed country where you don’t have to think about poverty and unemployment, you might not really understand some things, and this might not be a big deal to you. Nevertheless, folks from undeveloped countries should always look out for innovative ways to get resources that can be used to transform their lives, and their society.
Making Money With Microsoft Word
You won’t be paid directly to use the software. Nevertheless, you can identify some opportunities that you can take advantage of where you only have to upload stuff you typed or created with Microsoft word and you make money doing so.
Let’s explore some of these methods:
1. Selling Your Typings On Amazon (In terms of books)
Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world right now. One of the factors that greatly helped the company is how they diversified to include several products and initiatives. One of the major systems they introduced was the Amazon Kindle direct publishing.
This has enabled writers to become authors with ease. Anyone from almost anywhere in the world can easily sign up and upload their books on the platform. The book will be made available in different parts of the world, and you will be paid as people purchase your books.
Now, it is easy to produce your books with Microsoft word. Once you know what you want to write about, you can simply make use of your microsoft word to create the book, and you can easily upload it on Amazon, making money when your books are sold.
You should ensure you learn a lot about how Amazon Kindle direct publishing works, and it will get easier for you. Of course, there are several other publishing platforms you can make use of. Some other prominent ones are smashwords, and so on and so forth.
2. Using Microsoft Word To Empower A Blog
You can make money blogging too. You can easily create a blog on blogger (at least as a starter) or via wordpress. You can monetize your blog via stuff like AdSense, as well as several other mediums (ensure you do adequate research on these things).
While it is possible to input your texts and thoughts on the dashboard of any of the blog platforms, it is usually easier when you typed with Microsoft word and then copy and paste your stuff into the blogging platform you are making use of.
3. As A Freelance Content Creator
One of the ways people make money via the internet today is by freelance writing. You can write for people and get paid for that. The thing is, content is king. The internet (and the entire media world) runs on content. Content is always needed. And it should be noted that content brought up today might be outdated tomorrow. Hence, people will always need contents.
Hence, the services of content creators are usually needed every now and then. If you are good with what you do, you will usually get jobs and gigs from different places.
It should be added that technology has made things much easier. Now, as a freelancer, you can get gigs from far away places, even outside your continent. The world is becoming more and more connected and global. It is possible to know what is happening in a far away continent from your room, and even partake in the conversation as if you are there. So, you can get into the global economy too with the right skills.
Having talked about this (of course, there are more things one can say), it should be added that it is possible to be effective and efficient as a freelance writer utilizing the software known as microsoft word. Of course, there are different tools and software out there that you can use in the place of microsoft word. Nevertheless, you should note that microsoft word is prominent. It is not just a pacesetter, but has a lot of features that will make your job easier (which other tools might not have).
In conclusion, there are actually several other ways you can make money by using Microsoft word. There are several platforms out there where you can publish your stuff (the digital content you have made via microsoft word). Of course, we should also note that you can even do things on a physical level. For instance, you can teach folks how to use microsoft word in your vicinity and get paid for it. You can even publish physical notes that people can pay for (content that contains the solution to problems people are willing to pay money for).

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