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Do you want to render your video in less than 3 minutes?

Do you want to render your video in less than 3 minutes?

Video editors all around the world know that rendering videos takes ages! Once we’ve worked hard polishing our creations and hit ‘Export’ on our video editing software of choice, we’re met with hours of wait times for the final video file to be created.

Do you want to render your video in less than 3 minutes?
Do you want to render your video in less than 3 minutes?

Not only is this frustrating, but most video editing programs don’t let you work on another project until the render is complete – wasting our valuable time. This is even worse on underpowered machines as video rendering can take up a lot of system resources, potentially leaving your computer unusable until the render is complete.

Moreover, some video editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro can be prone to crashing during renders, annoying the living daylights out of hard-working video editors.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Did you know it is possible to render an hour-long video in less than 3 minutes? This magic solution comes from an unusual source: an online video editor.

Using Flixier, the browser video editor, you can render videos online for free.

Here’s how the most advanced and powerful browser-based video editing app, Flixier can cut down your video render times from hours to minutes.

What is Flixier?

Flixier is an online video editor that is designed for both professionals and everyday users. It incorporates features like a timeline view, overlays and motions graphics to appease the hardcore video editors while having an intuitive and straightforward user interface.

When you edit and render with Flixier, you’re taking advantage of the powerful servers packed into Flixier’s data centers. None of the video decoding and encoding is handled by your system, making professional editing accessible to those using slow laptops and desktops.

The Flixier team have developed a unique method for rendering video and exporting your project straight to social media platforms. This helps cut down video encoding times. You  can render short videos in as little as 1 minute while longer videos of 1-2 hours can be created in around 3 minutes. With the Business subscription plan, you can export videos in 4K Ultra HD.

This dramatic reduction in render times opens up brand new possibilities for your video workflow. Flixier users like Steve Mastroianni from RockstarMind.com say the online video editor has “tripled [his] video output’”

One of the most popular uses for Flixier, the online video editing app, is to cut down and publish highlights of your Twitch streams. The standard editing and rendering times of using traditional editing programs makes it difficult to stream on Twitch daily and edit highlights. It’s super simple to import your VODs, trim down silent parts and render the video lightning fast.

When publishing your video, Flixier’s superfast Internet connection cuts down the time it takes to upload your video to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram as you’re not bottlenecked by your own broadband speed.

Those who use lots of motion graphics and titles will feel right at home with Flixier. With over 100 motion title templates and over 50 professional transitions to choose from, you can effortlessly drag and drop an effect onto a clip and transform your masterpiece in just a few clicks.


Get started today with Flixier and render videos on any device at super high speed. Head on over to flixier.com, sign up for an account, and try out the service for free!

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