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7 Things You Didn’t Know Your Google Chromecast Could Do

7 Things You Didn’t Know Your Google Chromecast Could Do

7 Things You Didn't Know Your Google Chromecast Could Do
7 Things You Didn’t Know Your Google Chromecast Could Do

Chromecast may appear small and simple, but it packs a serious punch. The thumb-sized device has come a long way. Today, there’s Chromecast Ultra that you can use to stream up to 4k, and you can speak to your Google Assistant to play or stream something on the screen.

Did you know that Chromecast can be used for a lot more things than just streaming? Here, take a look at some of the cool things you didn’t know you could do with Chromecast.

  1. Set up Chromecast on Mac

Thanks to Chromecast’s flexibility of allowing users to watch Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube, it is among the most popular devices that even Mac users are eyeing. Yes, it lacks the one-click intuitive interface of Apple TV, but this Google product can be easily set up with your Mac for casting.

The entire set up shouldn’t take more than ten minutes. First, you must use Google Chrome and then download Google Home for iPad/iPhone from the App Store. If your Chromecast is plugged in, it will appear when you open Google Home. Ensure your device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast.

Once Chromecast is connected, you can use it to mirror your Mac’s screen on the TV. For a complete guide on how you can set up Chromecast on Mac, visit here https://setapp.com/how-to/set-up-and-optimize-chromecast-for-mac.

  1. Score some awesome deals

What’s better than the hottest TV shows or the latest movies? Movies on demand and free TV!

Google is known to reward its users generously. So, it comes as no surprise that you can get some truly fantastic deals as the proud owner of a Chromecast. The tech giant often gives away free movies and other perks to Chromecast users. What’s more, you don’t have to work for these deals. Just head to the Offers Page of Chromecast and see what they’re presently offering. If you’re lucky, you’ll find sweet deals on other Google devices as well.

  1. Watch Amazon Prime Video
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Chromecast users can finally enjoy watching Amazon Prime Video on their TVs, and there’s no need for another device. Since Amazon had its streaming device, Chromecast users couldn’t cast any content from Amazon Prime Video. But, all that has changed now since Google and Amazon reached an agreement. So, open your Amazon Prime Video app, look for the cast icon and begin streaming.

  1. Listen by using your headphones

Do you love watching late-night movies? But, worried you might be disturbing others? It’s simple with Chromecast because you can cast a video or movie to your TV from a supported device while listening to the audio from that device. But, first, you have to tap Route Audio to Phone on the Now Play screen and plug in some headphones. Then, you can listen away without disturbing anybody in your home.

  1. Play awesome games

Chromecast is no Nintendo Switch or Xbox, but it knows how to keep users engaged and entertained. You can use Chromecast to play a variety of games with your entire family. For example, you can improve your vocabulary by playing Pictionary on Doodlecast or dish out some cool moves with Just Dance Now.

For Chromecast, Google Play has more than 100 games. You can easily enjoy your favorite games by downloading them to your iOS or Android device to be used as a controller while running the game on your TV.

  1. Improve your presentation skills and wow everyone

Want to beef up your presentation skills? Do you want to present something to your family? Then, you can use Chromecast to sync all your Google Slides presentations to your TV conveniently. To start the presentation, you have to plug the Chromecast to your TV and load Google Slides on a tablet or phone that supports Chromecast. Then, click Present on the top-right corner of the presentation and select Present on another screen. This will help you present like a professional, and the feature can even be used at your workplace.

  1. Switch on the guest mode
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Having friends or family for the weekend? Do you want them to watch their favorite movie or TV show? Or are you hosting a house party and want your guests to be the DJ? You have nothing to worry about as Chromecast has you covered. You don’t even need to give your guests access to your Wi-Fi network. Turn on the guest mode on Chromecast by going to device settings. Whoever has a Google Cast Ready application can begin casting. They have to be within twenty-five feet of the Chromecast.

So, go ahead and make the most of your Chromecast. You’ll surely have a fantastic experience streaming videos, movies, and more.

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