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How to create an infographic video

How to create an infographic video

Do you want to promote your brand? Do you want to sell new services or products? If so, you might want to consider making an infographic video. Much appreciated on the web, especially on social networks, video infographics are animated videos, often based on 2D cartoons, which use elements of infographics such as diagrams, diagrams, graphs.

How to create an infographic video
How to create an infographic video

The goal of these videos is to convey information in a simple and immediate way, involving the viewer and making sure that the message remains imprinted in his mind. Also, for this reason, infographic videos are particularly appreciated during meetings and conferences and for training and corporate coaching events.

Process of making an infographic video

The process of creating a movie with infographics is a little different than that of a live-action movie due to the simple fact that this mode involves heavy use of computer graphics. Based on the video’s objective, which will be agreed with the customer, the video can be made in different graphic styles.

It is possible to opt only for computer graphics and a mixed technique video to which animations are subsequently added (shot with green screen). In general, however, we can identify some fundamental phases in producing a video with infographics. These are:

  • Pre-production: choice of the concept, preparation of the script and storyboards;
  • Production: stage of shooting on the set and/or creation in CGI;
  • Post-production: editing, editing, sound editing, color grading;
  • Distribution: launch of the video online or on TV.

Define the goal

What do you want to communicate? In fact, an infographic video is perfect for:

  • Show data and analyze the company’s performance;
  • Presenting products and services;

Study the target audience and the market

Who do you want to contact? Studying the target audience is essential to identify the best communication strategy: whether it is an infographic video for investors or training events.

Define the main message

Once the objective is clear, it will be necessary to focus on the video’s main message, avoiding being dispersive and always aiming for immediacy and simplicity.

Shoot and edit the video

The infographic video can be made entirely by yourself. You can shoot an actor live on a green screen. Depending on the model chosen, the video will have a different post-production process.

The sequences are edited and corrected. In the case of those shot live, the elements of digital infographics are added.


By editing the various sequences shot, they are then ordered to take on meaning from the narrative point of view. Infographic videos also need color grading, but the process will be different based on the type of movie you have chosen: animation only or live footage.

In this last step of post-production, the sound of the video infographic is edited and mixed to be perfectly synchronized with the images we see.

Promote the video

Finally, the video with the infographics is delivered to the customer for a final review. After making any changes, the video can then be published online. Social media like YouTube is a good choice for delivering the video.

4 advantages of making an infographic video

Investing in making a high-quality infographic videos has its advantages for the brand. Creating a video of this type conveys to users an idea of innovation, which allows you to communicate concepts (even complex ones) in a simple way through captivating diagrams, graphics and animations. Here are 4 crucial advantages of this type of video:

  1. Customizable at 360 degrees and offers you the possibility to tell every aspect of your brand;
  2. Wide chance of becoming a viral video;
  3. Relatively less expensive because most, if not all, work is done on the computer and not on set;
  4. Immediate because it features stylized cartoon-style images to communicate in a dynamic, colorful and imaginative way.


Choosing to create an infographic video for your company represents an important investment. Our advice is to set aside a budget to be allocated to your video infographic and then request a comparison from a specialized team.

However, you can also choose a free infographic video maker to edit the video yourself if you have a limited budget. Now it is your turn to try out the steps of making an infographic video.

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