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Showmax vs Netflix: Which Is Better?

Showmax vs Netflix: Which Is Better?

When it comes to watching movies and series in any part of the world, what is popular now is making use of streaming video on demand or online streaming. More people are now jumping into the boat and are even cancelling their service subscriptions and signing up for streaming services.

While there are several on-demand streaming options out there, Showmax and Netflix are obviously part of the most popular. Viewers can get to watch that hot movie or trending series they have heard about. And the question that is usually asked is which one is better in the streaming battle between Showmax vs Netflix?

Both platforms are pretty similar. Where there are reasonable WI-FI connections, you can just connect and see your favorite series and movies. This is basically what both are for. Of course, both netflix and Showmax are available on a wide variety of devices. Talk about smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, and so on.

Additionally, both platforms offer HD streaming, and allows users to download or save shows to watch later. It should also be added that the two apps offer free trials that allows users to test them and see if they want to continue using the service.

While there are several similarities, there are also differences. For instance, the content they offer are different (there are several movies you will find on netflix that you won’t find on Showmax, and vice versa). Also, when it comes to data usage as well as cost, they are not on the same page.

Therefore, we usually wonder which between the two is the better online streaming service. But not to worry, in this article, let’s explore.

Data Usage
As said earlier, this is something that differentiate the duo (one of their differences). It should first be noted that both require users to pay for data or WI-FI to download or stream movies. Nevertheless, it has been noted that Showmax gives users more control over data spending.

On Showmax, users can choose among the four quality settings. From the lowest to high quality, you can opt for one. It is advisable to opt for the lowest quality when viewing shows on one’s smartphone. This of course will help save lots of data as high resolution is not really needed on such a small screen.

Additionally, they even provide a bandwidth calculator on their website that allows users to calculate how much data they will use weekly and monthly. With such, you can easily budget for your usage.

On the other hand, for netflix, it was made known that users use about 1GB of data per hour to stream/download a standard definition video and up to 3GB an hour for an HD video. Of course, for those concerned with the bandwidth limits, the platform gives the ability to adjust data usage settings.

On netflix, the settings range from low to auto data usage. Here however, the lowest costs just 300MB per hour per device and the highest using up to 7GB per hour for an ultra HD video.

Having talked about the data usage, let’s now move on to content.

Better Content
Both of them are subscription video on demand (SVOD) platforms and they are aware of the necessity of parading superb content. Of course, not just superb content, but ensuring they are in different categories so as to appeal their different users.

Let’s start with Showmax again. They actually offer a broad category of content that ranges from action, comedy, biography, documentary, Sci-Fi, crime, and Faith to drama. Additionally, they have Hollywood shows such as HBO’s Westworld and Young Pope. They can boast of shows exclusive to the platform only. Unfortunately, the depth of their category is wanting. But then, it has plenty Nigerian and South African movies.

On the other hand, Netflix too can boast of a wide variety of content or shows as well as a wider depth of category. The platform not only has new content but also have older TV series selection in case you missed out. Of course, it has more Hollywood content than the other platform.

We should also add that netflix has a “Made in Africa” section. If you want to see Nollywood movies, wildlife documentaries, and even some South African shows, this is where to be. So, when it comes to having robust varieties of movies, netflix is currently ahead of showmax.

Having talked about this, let’s now discuss pricing and restrictions

Pricing And Restrictions

Actually, both don’t have the same price. Showmax offers around $8 per month, while netflix is around $12. This means Showmax is the cheaper of the duo. Of course, for many, they don’t mind paying a higher fee using netflix since they felt it is worth it.

Talking about payment options, it should be added that Showmax allows users to pay using local means such as through M-PESA. Nevertheless, the other platform only accepts debit and credit card payments.

Having taken time to explain all these, if you are still wondering which of the duo you should opt for (or rather, which is better), the answer will be, it depends on you. It depends on the content the user need, the data they are willing to use, as well as how much they are willing to spend. Of course, talking about content, netflix currently can boast of a wider variety of content which is giving them an edge over Showmax. Nevertheless, the battle of content between the duo is never ending. If you need more African content however, you should know which to go for now.

In conclusion, if you are the person that needs more content, then you can take the step to sign up on both platforms. Of course, you should be able to afford the monthly subscription fees if you will be doing this. If not, you should simply opt for one amongst the duo that can satisfy what you want while deciding to opt for such platform as these.

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