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Making Money On Youtube In 2021

Making Money On Youtube In 2021

One of the superb things about Youtube is how it is a platform where anyone can make money. Perhaps, you reading this right now might be in a country where the government has worked to ensure massive job opportunities. Nevertheless, you should know that there are several people in several other places struggling to get good jobs. Hence, such will appreciate Youtube better – those among them making good money off the platform.


So, many people have built a career or business around Youtube, and what they earn (I’m talking about those earning good money) is enough to take care of many of their needs. In fact, there are YouTubers earning more than bankers and other 9-5 folks. While some people made the venture a part-time thing, some others have become full-time Youtubers.


Are People Still Making Much On Youtube In 2021?

So, as with several other money making platforms, YouTube too is already saturated, with tons of people trying to make money from the platform. There are tons of channels and YouTubers out there (which is understandable, since it is free to open an account and monetize your stuff)


In fact, before now, anyone can create an account today, and start monetising their videos immediately. You don’t have to wait to have subscribers or anything glamorous. But of course, people abused things easily, and YouTube had to up the standards.

So, currently, before you can monetize your YouTube channel, you must have at least one thousand subscribers, and a certain amount of views. This is to ensure advertisers get the best out of their money (don’t forget the advertisers are the fuel of the system, without them, the money won’t go round).


Nevertheless, there are still lots of people making money on the platform currently. While some still makes attempt to game the system (by buying views and subscribers – which youtube frowns at), many are still doing things legally, and it’s going fine for them. I encourage doing things legitimately and legally


So, can i still make money on youtube in 2021? Yes, you can.


Business Or Passion?

You can approach this from two ways. Your activities might be fueled by passion for what you do, or simply the money.


Some YouTubers just enjoy what they do in their niche. Even if they don’t earn money from doing what they love doing, they don’t really mind. They feel fulfilled doing what they are passionate about – which in this case is making content on Youtube.


The advantage of this is that you are patient enough to keep building your fan base and subscribers. You know, like in several other things, many people dump their YouTube channels right in the middle of the road. They felt discouraged about not getting the results they desired. You know, the views are not increasing, the subscribers are not fast coming, it is taking forever to be able to start monetising, etc

But if you have passion for what you do, you just keep doing it. It might take a long time before you start growing your fan base. But the passion keeps you going. Even when you don’t have lots of views, you keep bringing up content. Even when you don’t have lots of subscribers, you continue to enjoy what you do.

Eventually, the passion helps you stay at it, until you find yourself grown. Where you have tons of subscribers and fans always watching your videos dedicatedly. Where the money then starts pouring in.

On the other hand, some people are just interested in setting up a business enterprise with YouTube publishing. Well, this can also bring success in a short time if done with wisdom.

For instance, it means you have to research deeply into what people are usually watching on YouTube, and focus on making content around such niche. It means you have to spend money promoting your channel, and also seeing to it that you make professional videos. If done properly, in no time, you will find the channel grown, and will start making your money too.

So, irrespective of what it is, you must know what you really want. If the money is all that’s your concern, then you don’t really have to limit yourself. That is, you might have to seek niches that can fetch you serious money. It doesn’t matter if or not you have passion for it. In fact, what you have passion for might not even be a profitable niche on YouTube. So, if it’s simply all about the money, you might have to settle for the areas that supply the most money.

And of course, keywords are pivotal. You should learn how to utilize keywords (even if you are a passionate YouTuber that isn’t too concerned about the money). One easy way to grow on youtube is by being prominent when people search for what they want to watch. Of course, as you should know already, YouTube receives millions of traffic every now and then. Many people simply type what they want to see, and they will likely watch one of the videos they first see.

So, if 50,000 should type a keyword, and your video can be one of those that came first, you might get up to half of number watching your video. The more viewers, the more people get to know about your channel, and the more subscribers you get.

Just ensure you are not complacent, as some people could unsubscribe if you failed to continue giving them what they love (what made them subscribe to your channel in the first place). And yes, you can end up making a whole lot of money each month on YouTube.

In conclusion, YouTube is a clean platform to a reasonable extent, and the platform don’t allow dirty videos (porn and the rest). So, you must ensure you upload only clean videos. No pornography, no hate, no nonsense

Thank you for reading this article.

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