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Can I Still Make Money With Amazon Kindle Publishing In 2021?

Can I Still Make Money With Amazon Kindle Publishing In 2021?

Amazon, as we all should know, is a global brand. It is an innovative and influential company that is greatly valuable too. The online shopping website is a favorite of many online shoppers, and they have been able to maintain a reputation for some time now.

One of the amazing things about Amazon is that it is a platform where independent folks can make money. There are several opportunities brought up by this company, and many have been taking advantage of them.

You can make money by signing up as an affiliate marketer, where you get paid a commission for each sale you successfully referred. There are tons of resources available to here.

You can even make money on Amazon by selling directly on the platform – almost anything is sold on the website. A lot of people have been making money doing this.
There are some others who make money on Amazon simply as dropshippers. They don’t have a warehouse or something, but as they get buyers, they order on Amazon and the seller send it to the customer directly, while they (the dropshippers) makes their commission.

Nevertheless, in this article, we are talking about one of the prominent ways people makes money on Amazon – which is by publishing books. A lot of people have been doing this for a long time now, and they have been making reasonable amount of money each month.

Amazon Kindle Publishing
There was a time when it wasn’t quite easy for writers (in terms of getting their works out there). So, someone can write a fine book, and will have no reasonable hope of seeing it published. Why because, the few traditional publishing houses are usually not opened to the majority. In other words, they only agree to work with very few authors, as they also want to make money

Thus, many writers back then couldn’t see their books published as they wanted. In fact, after it became possible to self publish one’s book, you discover that many couldn’t still afford the amount of money needed to get this done.

But platforms like Amazon disrupted everything, and it became easier to get your books published from the comfort of your home, while making your money too. You put in a lot of things to write your book. So, it’s cool if you are able to earn reasonably well too. And it became possible with Amazon.

So, many authors who won’t have otherwise being known, could get into the scene via the platform. That is generally one of the beautiful things about technology. Platforms came up with opportunities to get things much better.

With Amazon Kindle Publishing, you can just publish your books and readers can get what you have written in ebook format, irrespective of where they are in the world. You don’t have to spend money to get your work published when using this platform. It is also so straightforward. The guys at amazon ensured they made a system that is easy to be engaged. So, you don’t have to be too tech savvy to use this.

Now, let us be realistic. These days, there are tons of books being published each day on Amazon. Almost everyone today is interested in publishing a book. Hence, it means the market is already filled with a lot of books. There was a time when this was not the case. But now, since it’s free to use the platform, tons of people are taking advantage of it, and there are now so many books out there.

So, the question is, can you still make it big if you publish on Amazon in 2021? Well, the answer is, yes. Nevertheless, you must know some things to avoid avoidable frustrations.
First, why do you want to use Amazon Kindle Publishing? If you just want to publish so that people can read what you have written, without giving much attention to the money, then you will save yourself from some headaches (which is something experienced only by some who are only bent on making money from their work).

In your own case, your aim will be to get as much readers, and you can find fulfillment in just that. Well, amazon has tons of users already, and it is the largest ebook market, with tons of loyal patronisers already.
Nevertheless, if you are majorly interested in making money with your works on the platform, let’s talk now. You should first realise that while there are tons of competition already, it is still possible to make reasonable amount from royalties on Amazon Kindle Publishing.

You should know that people still appreciate good books. One of the major reasons people don’t have lots of sales on the platform is because they only turn up mediocre works. If a reader loves your book, they can give you free publicity by recommending to others. That way, you have increased sales. The more sales you make, the more money you make.

So, you should take your time to write a reasonable book. If you don’t really have the talent, then outsource the task. Try to turn in a quality book that can easily stand out from the crowd.

Also, if you are just about making money with your books, then you should be conscious of niche. Some niche are more lucrative than others. If you want to earn often, then go for lucrative niches.

Additionally, if you want to earn more, you might have to turn in more and more books. Don’t forget that competition is severe, and there are already many books on the platform. Even some good books don’t get the attention they deserve. Hence, you might want to turn in more and more quality books.

Then, publicity should also help. You can use different mediums to drive attention to your books. Also, take advantage of Kindle Select to reach more and more readers
Can you still make money on Amazon Kindle Publishing In 2021? Yes you can

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