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Best Video Conference Softwares 2020

Although communicating through email is cool and cheap, the fact remains that a face-to-face meeting is still the ultimate. While several people have embraced the technology of video conference long before now, it is obvious the coronavirus has given us more reasons to utilise this technology.

While there are tons of video conference softwares out there, in this article, we will explore the best ones. Let’s get started:

1. Zoom

We must start with Zoom. This product has been widely embraced by people all over the world due to its amazing features. There are many options included in every plan, and the platform also have flawless video as well as instant sharing capabilities.

The platform is obviously the ideal web meeting software for users that want to simply and effectively connect with either customers or co-workers remotely.

All Zoom plans include:

– Screen sharing from desktops, tablets or mobile devices
– Whiteboarding
– HD video and voice
– Unlimited number of meetings per month
– Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
– Chat and messaging (private and group)
– Scheduling with Chrome extensions
– Meeting record option
– Ability to join a meeting by telephone
– Instant or scheduled meetings
– Online support
– Breakout rooms
– Breakout capabilities let you divide your meetings into as many as 50 separate sessions!

Let’s also add that while there’s also a free version of Zoom, it has limited features and capabilities (for example, conferences that have many participants cannot go beyond 40 minutes).

It is advisable to use one of the paid plans. Users Participants have the option to add on more participants with every plan except the free version.

2. Microsoft Teams

Next on the list is one of Microsoft’s innovative products – Microsoft Teams. This was made for seamless efficiency and collaboration, and it integrates with the likes of Word and SharePoint.

Microsoft Teams is pretty interactive – as a result of its design and infrastructure. It’s also possible to integrate Skype for Business into Microsoft Teams. The product is versatile, and its video conferencing option is also good. It is easy to launch video conferences directly from one’s chats.

Here are all Microsoft Teams plans:
– Web version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint
– File storage and sharing
– Up to 300 users
– 24/7 phone and web support

3. GoToMeeting

While this product is no longer a force to reckon with (as far as video conference softwares are concerned), it remains a cool remote meeting tool. Of course, we can’t but make mention of the fact that it has its own unique features (which can be regarded as advantage over other products) such as its polling and “raise a hand” features.

Additionally, this software allows unlimited video meetings and secures these meetings with end-to-end encryption.

Here is all GoToMeeting plans:

– 24/7 customer care
– HD video
– Unlimited meetings
– Screen sharing from desktops, tablets or mobile devices
– Messaging
– Web audio – no phone required
– Security

There’s a 14-day free trial, and the software allows 10 to 250 participants, depending on the type of plan one opt for (while the free version allows a maximum of three participants)

4. Skype for Business

Many people are already familiar with Skype. While Skype for Business is likely leaving soon (as it was made known by Microsoft that it will be retiring the product soon).

Nevertheless, here is all Skype for Business plans:
– Unlimited meetings
– Screen sharing
– Instant messaging anytime
– Tight security
– Conferencing with up to 250 participants

5. ezTalks Meetings

Next on the list of best video conference softwares 2020 is ezTalks Meetings. While this may not be as famous as the likes of Zoom, the product remain superb and nice. We should also add that it is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The software also has a straightforward user interface.

Here is a strong web application for video conferencing in healthcare, community and education.

Here is ezTalks Meetings plans:
– Unlimited number of meetings
–  Instant or scheduled meetings
–  Join by telephone call-in
–  HD video and audio
– Private and group chat
– Interactive whiteboards
– Screen sharing with co-annotation

It has a free version too, which allows as many as 100 people in a single meeting for up to 40 minutes.

6. StarLeaf

Next is StarLeaf. Users can easily customize their affair. The company has done a lot of hard works to ensure users can benefit at different fronts. They even have a complimentary app for Android, iOS and Windows users.

One of its uniqueness is that it allows users to deliver business-wide connectivity, avoiding the limitations associated with virtual meeting room solutions.

Here are StarLeaf plans:
–  Global audio dial-in telephone numbers
–  Full interoperability with Skype for Business
–  Unlimited guest invitations
– Calendar integrations with Outlook and Google

Which the company is UK-based, it is expanding and gaining traction in other places in the world – including America and Australia.

7. Cisco Webex

Lastly on our list is Cisco Webex. This is a superb video collaboration software that can be utilized for online training, webinars and remote support. Additionally, the software is great for businesses that have legitimate security concerns as it came with Transport Layer Security (TLS), third-party accreditations, encryption, firewall compatibility, single sign-on and secure scheduling options.

The software also includes seamless integration with Outlook and the ability to use it across different platforms. Whether you are using Mac or Windows (or even iPads), you are good to go.

Let’s also add that the software let users to add specialized functionalities for training, remote technical support or webinars.

Here are Cisco Webex plans:
– Screen sharing
– HD video
– Unlimited meetings
– Cloud recording and storage (limits vary by plan)
– Business-hours phone support for lower level plans and 24/7 support for pricier plans

It should also be added that the product’s free video conferencing version is actually limited (allows just two participants in meetings). Nevertheless, for paid plans, it allows between 50 and 1,000 participants.

So, which have you used before?

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