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Best Picture editing software for PC

We edit pictures with our PC for several reasons. If you are wondering the best editing software for PC out there, don’t worry anymore, because we will be doing that here.

While there are several picture editing software out there, let us explore some of the best.

Best Picture editing software for PC

1. Adobe Lightroom

At the top of the list is Adobe Lightroom. This is one of the best photo editing software for photographers out there, and it is being enjoyed by tons of people from different places in the world.

When talking about Adobe Lightroom Interface, it is quite amazing and it can be regarded as a beginner-friendly interface. It is came with a clean and easy workspace. After downloading the software, the first time you open the program, Lightroom gives you a guided walkthrough of each module

It should be added that Adobe Lightroom is not just a photo editor, but it’s also a photo organizer. Some of Lightroom’s Key Features includes:
a. Face detection for photo organization
b. Camera and lens-based corrections
c. Brush and gradient adjustments
d. Fixing and blurring tools
e.  Presets and professional filters

2. Skylum Luminar

Next on the list is Skylum Luminar. It is a well-known editing tool for professional photographers around the globe. Aside offering you huge built-in tools and accessories, with Luminar you only pay a one-time flat fee rather than a monthly subscription like Adobe.

Talking about its interface, it is another superb one out there. You can use this program as both a photo editor and a photo organizer. The program also offers preset workspaces each specifically designed with an editing task in mind. Here are some of Skylum Luminar’s key features:

a. Its AI slider
b. AI Editor
c. Adjustment Layers

3. Adobe Photoshop

Next comes the well-known Adobe Photoshop. Of course, when talking about the best photo editing software for photographers, we can’t but include Adobe Photoshop. Many people are already familiar with this superb program.

Talking about Adobe Photoshop Interface, while it is kind of complicated, you can still understand how to use it without much hindrances. Yeah, lots of beginners to photo editing struggle to use this program because it provides huge amount of tools. Nevertheless, once you are familiar with it, you are good to go.

Key Features of Photoshop

Some of its major features includes:
a. Sophisticated touch-up and retouching
b. Extensive filters and brushes
c. Multi-layer editing
d. 3D design functionality

4. Capture One
Next on the list is Capture One. Here is another superb program you can take advantage of as far as photo editing is concerned. As for its Interface, it is a nice one too which you should enjoy working with.

It should be noted that Capture One doubles as a photo editor as well as an organizer. Here are some of its key features:
a. Layers
b. Advanced Color Editing
c. Annotations
d. Speed

5. ON1 Photo RAW
Next on the list is ON1 Photo RAW. This is a complete photo editing software with superb features. Talking about ON1 Photo RAW Interface, it is something nice to use. Generally, the software is easy to download and install, and it can be used on any major operating system, including PC and Mac OS X. The software also came with exciting features. For instance, since ON1 doesn’t have to load one’s RAW images into the software, then it works lightning fastoom!

Here are other of its features:
a. Stackable filters
b. Custom presets
c. Textures and borders
d. Live adjustments and previews

6. Corel PaintShop Pro

Next is Corel PaintShop Pro, which is regarded as one of the most straightforward photo editing software out there. If you are in need of a simple but effective approach to upgrading their images, then you might want to try this one.

Although there are some other tools out there that are much advanced, this can still be here on our list, since it also came with some amazing features. You don’t also have to break the bank to use this software.

Here are some of its major key features:
a. Layers and masks
b. Refine brush for selections
c. SmartClone technology
d. AI enhanced presets
e. 360-degree photo editing

7. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate

The seventh software on the list is ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate. Here is another superb photo editing software for PC which can deliver a lot for you. It came with amazing features too. For instance, you can decide to send your photos to the editing program directly from your mobile device.

Here are some of its key features:
a. No Importing
b. Facial Recognition
c. One time purchase price and monthly options


Here is another free professional photo editing software which you can easily download and install on your computer. It came with several features which will be of help to you in several ways. Either you are a beginner or a professional photo editors, you should love its customizable interface.

This software allows users to create lovely stuff and it also came with some nice features like:
a. Photo enhancements like corrective mode and vignette
b. File management and optimization modes
c.  Digital Retouching
d. Clone and touch-up tools

9. Canva

This is another amazing one out there. This software actually operates on a freemium model and is serving tons of users out there. You can use Canva to adjust various elements of your images with a simple drag-and-drop editor.

It also came with a simple interface that allows you to do a lot more with your pictures. Some of its key features include:

a. Over 8,000 templates
b. Photo blur and vignette
c. Image cropping and straightening
d. Image transparency tool
e. Design grids and photo frames

One other exciting thing about Canva is that, you can easily download the app on your mobile phone and edit your photos quickly. You can use Canva for free or subscribe to any of its paid subs, which includes:
a. Pro – includes over 60,000 free templates and 60 million professional stock imagery for $9.95/user/month.
b. Enterprise – includes unlimited storage and support for $30/user/month.

10. PicMonkey

Last on the list of Best Picture editing software for PC is PicMonkey. You can utilise this software to edit photos, make collages, apply touch ups, etc.

In conclusion, while there are several others out there, you can start with any of these.

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