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How To Make Money Online This Covid-19 Period

The world was hit by the famous coronavirus, and the pandemic had kept many people indoors. It’s unfortunate that many people have lost their jobs as a result of its devastating blow on the economy of many countries. Since many businesses are still closed, they can’t afford to pay any salary to their employees, who are really insecure as far as their fate is concerned.

Despite all of these, people still have to take good care of themselves and their loved ones (particularly parents that have children they must feed). There are still expenses to be taken care of, even amidst the pandemic. Hence, money (earning money) is still vital. Of course, if you reside in a society where the government or some other concerned organisations are usually eager to support you with money and other important stuffs, you may not be in a position to relate with what those in “opposite” societies are passing through.

Nevertheless, this article is about exploring how you can make money online (even at home) in a time like this. Even if you earn some money from other sources presently, you can take advantage of this resource to open more channels and make more money to live a quality life.

A lot of people have been making money online even before the arrival of the pandemic, and the covid-19 issue hasn’t stopped people from making even more money. Indeed, technology (particularly the internet) is a blessing to us from God. We can utilize it for positive stuffs, and ride on its potentials to create value and wealth. So, while writing this article, I have at heart those that are not familiar with the whole idea of taking advantage of the internet to make money. Hence, I will ensure I come down to their level, and see to it that these stuffs are simple things anyone can do.

Let’s explore how anyone can make money online this period. Let’s get started.

1. Make Money With YouTube

When the world was shut down as a result of the coronavirus, many companies dipped into some sort of trouble, as they became helpless. But not so with internet companies like YouTube. In fact, since people now have a lot of time at home, they started spending an ample time watching videos on YouTube. Therefore, YouTube is one of the platforms that witnessed growth in this period.

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One of the things that made YouTube popular is because ordinary people are enabled to make money with their own YouTube channel (which is created for free). One reliable way to make money on YouTube is by signing up for their monetization program, where ads are displayed on your videos when you are accepted to the program.

To get started, create a YouTube channel and start uploading nice videos. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a professional camera, as you can do these stuffs with your smartphone. Your videos can be about anything (good). It can be you singing or dancing with your family. It can be talking about some popular concepts. Just be creative. When people like your videos, they start subscribing to your channel, and you start growing your fanbase. When your channel is ready for monetization (you must get up to 1,000 subscribers as well as some watch time), YouTube will notify you.

You can start this anytime! Simply promote your videos and share with your loved ones (and ask them to subscribe to your channel).

2. Make Money On Amazon KDP

If you are a writer (or good with crafting words), you can take advantage of the Amazon to start publishing books and make money doing so. I should also state that Amazon is one of the “big winners” in this pandemic. Although people can sell several things on the platform, we are going to focus on book publishing here.

This is interesting because you don’t have to pass through loads of stress. You only write, edit (or pay an editor), create your book cover (or outsource to a good graphic designer), and upload your book on Amazon. When people purchase your book, you get paid! It’s so simple!

Nevertheless, it is important to add that the market out there is so saturated, and you have to devise ways to stand out from the crowd and made headway. Your strategy can be researching the topics that sells the most and then writing lots of books about such. You can also spend money on advertising your books to reach more people.

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3. Make Money With Udemy

Udemy is a popular platform where people pay to learn. If you have a deep knowledge on a particular thing, you will be surprised that there are tons of people all over the world that are eager to pay money for what you know. Hence, a platform like Udemy connects learners with tutors.

You can simply upload a teaching that will keep selling years after. Just ensure you are good with what you want to teach, and add value to learners. Some people will refer others to your lessons, and will translate into more money for you.

4. Make Money With Webinars

If you are not interested in using an established platform like Udemy to teach people what you know, you can decide to go independent by organizing online seminars. With this, you are in charge, and can set whatever price you decide without sharing your profit with another.

You can use different free platforms for the seminar, but one very popular one is Whatsapp. So, it’s simple. Advertise the seminar, and add those that paid to the Whatsapp group created for the purpose.

Nevertheless, you have to devise strategies to convince people that they won’t waste money and time when they sign up for your seminar.

So, in conclusion, you can start somewhere and begin earning money almost immediately. Ignore wrong and illegal means of making money online, and focus on the positive ones, like what was explored in this article.

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