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Which Hybrid Smart Watch Should You Buy?

There are a lot of superb hybrid smartwatches out there that you can even buy online from any part of the world. Yeah, while they won’t have as much features as options with full colour LCD displays, these watches can still offer a combination of notifications and fitness metrics.

Hybrid watches are wearables that combine some of the best tech one might want, but placed in a body and design that looks like an traditional analogue watch.

There are lots of hybrid watches that have basic step counters that link up to smartphone apps. Some can be used to track one’s sleep patterns if they are worn to bed.

So, one major nice thing about hybrid smartwatches is that one can go as simple or as advanced as one desired, while still buying into a classic watch design.

Although there are tons of hybrid smart watches out there, you can get any of these five if you are confused as regards what to buy:

1. Misfit Phase

The Misfit Phase is stunning and has a classic design, with superb battery life. It has basic fitness tracking, and it is a top hybrid smartwatch that can be recommended.

It offers a sleek and stylish design paired with some useful functionality when it’s linked to a phone. Although it is thick, the design looks classic, that many wont know you are putting on a smart watch.

The Misfit Phase has a superb battery life. The watch can last around six months with a single watch battery inside. It is one of the cheapest around, and you can get it if you desire an affordable watch that can get you alerted when you’ve got notifications.

Although it looks great, you should know that the fitness features here are limited.

2. Withings Move ECG

This hybrid smart watch came with a stylish design as well as a 12-month battery life. It is a superb product that came with an electrocardiogram monitor. That is, with this technology, you are hinted if you are likely to suffer from atrial fibrillation.

Just in case you don’t know, an atrial fibrillation is a specific heart condition where a person can have an irregular beat. Of course, this technology is not the most accurate. Nevertheless, it has been added on more sophisticated watches like the Apple Watch 4.

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Also, this watch is not only well designed, but it also comes with various impressive fitness features. There are other smart watches much more expensive than this too.

3. Withings Steel HR

Here is another superb hybrid watch out there. It has an accurate heart rate monitor, limited fitness features, and not the best battery life too.

So, if you are searching for a little hybrid watch that looks great and that can track the heart rate, then you can get this.

Also known as the Nokia Steel HR, this nice watch, which also has a comfortable strap for the odd jog, is also recommended. If you don’t know which hybrid smart watch to get, you can consider the Withings Steel HR.

Actually, the watch has a small second dial so one can see one’s daily step count. There is also a small screen above it to show other stats.

Let’s say you desire knowing your heart rate, it will show on the screen along with your step count as well as notifications like incoming calls, messages and events coming up in your calendar.

It should be noted that this watch is waterproof, which means, you can put it on while you swim and even while you shower. There is a single button on the right that came like a crown.

4. Misfit Command

Here is another superb hybrid smart watch out there. It has one-year battery life and secondary button useful for music. Nevertheless, you should know that on this watch, sleep tracking is limited, while its buckle can cause discomfort

One of the strength of this watch is that It has a year of battery life. Additional, you get notifications as well as some basic fitness-tracking technology.

Although it might appear complicated, it is actually easy to use when one know how it works. You will discover that the days of the month are displayed on the right of the face outside the time markers, while the days on the week on the left.

It vibrates when you get a notification through, and the sub-dial will display the notification type – text message, alarm or calendar notification.

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It is also possible to create contacts in the app and assign a number from 1 to 12 to each one, then the clock hands will point to the corresponding number when you get an incoming call.

With the two buttons on the right-hand side of the case, one can play and pause music, and so on. In all, this product is one of the best hybrid smart watches out there that can be recommended.

5. Withings Steel HR Sport

Finally on this list is the Withings Steel HR Sport. It has a stylish design as well as long battery life. Nevertheless, its notifications aren’t perfect, and it also has limited fitness features.

This product has a lot in common with the Nokia Steel and Nokia Steel HR on this list. Indeed, while the design appears similar, there are some vital differences.

This comes with better notifications as well as VO2 Max monitor that will give one an overall fitness score that one can improve over time. As for its battery, it is actually meant to last for around a month.

The product has connected GPS and heart rate monitoring that means this is suitable for more fitness activities than several others. Like it? Simply go for it.

In conclusion, as stated earlier, there are tons of other hybrid smart watches out there. Ensure you get the one that will suit your taste. You can easily get them online on online stores and get them shipped to your destination

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