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Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying A New Laptop

Despite the increasing fame and sophistication of the smartphone, laptops are still relevant. And so, there are a lot of laptop manufacturers still flourishing in business, and there are still tons of laptops sold each year.

When is comes to buying a laptop, there are obviously many different types of laptops to choose from – irrespective of what your budget is. So, which is the best? Well, best is relative. What is best for User A might be different from that of User B.

So, rather than telling you ‘this is the best laptop out there’, we can give a set of criteria you should consider before buying a new laptop.

And that’s exactly what this article is about. Let’s get started:

1. Size

Let’s start with size, because they really matters. Depending on how you intend using your device, you will want to ensure you pick the size that is the right fit for you.

One good reason you must ensure you won’t get this wrong is that, size isn’t like the RAM or ROM of a laptop. Meaning, you can’t upgrade it later.

Actually, laptops sizes usually to start at 11.6-inches and go all the way up to 17.3 inches. If portability is your priority, then you might simply opt for a smaller sized Windows laptop – as these tend to be thinner and lighter than their larger counterparts.

Now, if what you plan to be using your new laptop for requires a larger display or standalone graphics power, then you will probably need to look at a larger size.

So it is necessary to conclude this by saying that the most vital thing to consider here when looking for the best laptop is that one think about what that laptop will be used for.

2. Screen quality

Screen quality should also be a priority, since you will likely end up staring at your laptop screen hours at a time. So, you must see to it that you get a screen that is comfortable to look at and use.

Do you prefer a laptop with touchscreen? That’s cool, as they can make some tasks easier than others. On the other hand however, such can also add a glossiness to the display which is sometimes unpleasant.

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Again, ensure you are concerned about the resolution on the laptop you desire to get. If you are a content creator, or a photographer, or a videographer, you will also want to patronize devices that offer better color accuracy as well as support wider color gamut and HDR standards.

It is also important to note that viewing angles are so important. A laptop screen that is with IPS (in-plane switching) technology actually provides the widest viewing angles and the best user comfort. There is nothing wrong if you take the time to go into a physical store and check out the screen for yourself. If you can’t do that (and will have to get everything done via the internet), then it is actually advisable that you depend on multiple reviews to get a good overview of the device, and to consider if the screen is what you want.

3. Keyboard quality

If you are going to be typing with your laptop for a long period of time, then you must think about the keyboard quality too, and ensure you buy a laptop that has a comfortable keyboard.

Thus, you should get a laptop with a keyboard that has a comfortable layout with full-sized keys and some space around the arrow keys. See to it that the keys have appropriate travel on the downstroke and snappy responsiveness when you let them go.

Try to see to it that the keyboard is backlit, so you can type with an easier view on the keys in dimly lit environments. If your main responsibility will be typing, then you must take this very serious.

4. CPU

It is somewhat tough to go past any of Intel’s Core-based CPUs when getting a new device. Think about Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7. Actually, an Intel Core Processor provides the best performance as far as multitasking and multimedia tasks are concerned.

Actually, Core i3-based notebooks are usually found in entry-level systems, while Core i5 is more popular as far as mainstream computers are concerned.

Core i7-based systems are recommended for folks who want the best performance from their laptop. Nevertheless, with a Core i7-based system, heat coming through the base of the laptop can be annoying, especially if you don’t have a choice other than placing your laptop on your lap every now and then.

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Some bigger laptops also now incorporate Intel’s i9 Core processors. Well, laptops running on i9 Core processors are more powerful than those that are running on i7 Core processors. In fact, they have the capacity to rival desktops for performance, but they really do come with a significantly-higher cost than a device with an i7, i5 or i3 Core Processor.

You can now get laptops and notebooks that run on AMD’s Ryzen Mobile CPUs. For gamers, this can be a sort of compelling option worth giving attention to. Ryzen Mobile CPUs tend to be paired with AMD’s own Vega graphics chipsets, which are presently much cool for gaming than Intel’s own onboard graphics.

5. RAM

There was a time when we don’t really need more than 4GB of RAM to get the best out of a laptop. Nevertheless, we are in a time when you should be thinking about getting a laptop with a minimum of 8GB. In fact, if you are a strong user, simply go for up to 16GB (while gamers should aim at 32GB for the best experiences).

Actually, more RAM allows for more applications to be run at the same time. Additionally, more data can be quickly accessible by the laptop at any one time.

So, while there are tons of laptops out there being sold at different prices and by different brands, ensure you take note of these factors when making a choice.

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