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Enjoy Free Glo Data In Nigeria With Free Data Day Offer

It is well known that in Nigeria, Glo are the grand masters of data in bundle, as their data is cheaper than various other telecoms. If you are a Glo user, have you heard about the Glo Free Data Day offer?

Well, it is actually an offer that rewards Glo customers Free Data for a whole day when such customers  meet set voice and/or data usage threshold in the week that precedes the free data day.

So, if you meet up with the criteria, you will get to enjoy the free data on that particular day without any need to opt in or subscribe. It should be noted that this doesn’t select SIM cards, but any Glo customers who meet the set threshold will benefit from it.

If you are wondering how you will get to know the Free Data Day, you don’t have to worry, as you will receive an SMS from Glo announcing the forthcoming Free Data Day

What Do You Need To Do To Enjoy This Offer?

When the Telecom company announced the Free Data Day, make sure that you use either of the following in the week (7 days) preceding the free data day:
– Minimum of N250 on voice calls OR
– Minimum of N150 on voice and 100MB data from any (or a combination) of :
I. Pay as you use
II. Existing data plan

Once you fulfill those, there is a particular amount of data that Glo will give you on that day to browse for free – which is 200MB.

Of course, if you are a heavy internet user, this might seem small. Nevertheless, if you don’t really use much data, it is still something (as you will even get to save money).

How Do You Know That You Have Received The Free Data?

Of course, Glo will notify you via SMS. Once you see it, you can go on enjoying the data and use it the way you desire. If you will like to check your Free Data Day balance, simply Dial #122# to check your Free Data Day balance if you do not have an existing data plan. You can also dial *170*0# if you have an existing data plan

Will You Get Notified When The Free Data Bonus Is Exhausted?
Sure, Glo will send you a message to notify you when you have exhausted your free data bonus

Nevertheless, you must know that you cannot share your Free Data Day bonus with another Glo customer (it’s for you alone), and you also cannot gift it out at all. So, use it all alone, it’s for only you.

In conclusion, while this free data might be little if you are a very heavy data user, consider the fact that it is free and will cost you nothing, and also consider the fact that Glo generally offers cheaper data bundles when compared to other networks. So, enjoy your data!

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