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Best Money Sending App – App To Send Money Instantly Online


For those searching for the best money sending app (that is, app to send money instantly), look
no further, as we will explore them in this article!

They are fantastic money transfer apps for both Android and iOS Smartphones. You should also
know that money transfer app is also referred to as peer-to-peer payments. Yeah, with
technology, folks can now send money online with ease. Superb Android and iOS apps allows
one to easily pay a friend or settle a service quickly.

Let’s explore the best money sending apps. Here are they:

1. PayPal

We are starting with PayPal – the popular platform. It stands out when it comes to online
payment (particularly because of its ease and security). You can always depend on the ‘good old


Next is Venmo. This app is a great one, easy to use, and very fast too. When you want to send
money to your family and friends (or you want to receive money from them), you can always
rely on Venmo.

3. TransferWise

TransferWise is another amazing platform. One of its major selling points is that it doesn’t have
minimum transfers – which means no restrictions as regards the minimum amount to send (you
can always transfer any amount you want to your families and friends). The transaction fees are
also low and affordable – at least, compared to what Banks are offering.

4. Square Cash App

Coming next is the Square Cash app. You can easily link your debit card and then start sending
and receiving money with ease. The platform is secured, fast and innovative. One of its major
selling points is that it doesn’t charge any transaction fees for peer-to-peer transfers.


WorldRemit is another cool and famous one – and the company has been around for some time
too. It has a reputation for being great when it comes to the transfer of small amount of
money. It is also pretty fast and secured too. The app is available both for iOS and Android

6. Western Union

A lot of people are familiar with Western Union. The company has been around for years now
and is still doing fine. As far as transferring of money is concerned, Western union is an
‘authority’. With their app, one can swiftly send money to friends, families, business partners
in over 200 countries. That is impressive! You can easily get stuff done in the twinkling of an
eye! It comes handy as far as global payment is concerned, and it is possible for one to track
one’s payment. Amazingly, you can decide to pay directly from your bank account, or with your
card, or in cash.

In conclusion, while there are several other superb apps for sending and transferring money,
these are leading the pack. They will make payment smooth, fast and easy. They are secured
and safe, and you won’t have to be worried about paying huge transaction fees. You should
explore them and settle for the ones that will satisfy your needs.

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