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14-days Data Plans
14-days Data Plans

Best 14 days And 7 Days Data Plans For All Devices In Nigeria

Best 14 days And 7 Days Data Plans For All Devices In Nigeria

One of the ways to get great value for money spent on data bundles is by subscribing to a 14-day bundle. These 2 weeks data plans are nice, as you can do whatsoever you desire doing with them.

14-days Data Plans
Best 14 days And 7 Days Data Plans For All Devices In Nigeria

In this article, we will be exploring the 14 days bundle offers by different data providers in Nigeria, as well as also talk about 7days plans too. Best and Cheapest data plans in 2020 – MTN Airtel Glo 9mobile

14-days Data Plans

Let’s start with 14 days data plans All 14-days Data Plans

  1. Airtel 14-days plan:

Airtel is one impressive network provider in Nigeria that offers great internet bundles. They also have a single 14-day plan, where subscribers can get 750MB for N500. As expected, it is valid for 14days. To activate this plan, subscribers should dial *141*500#.

  1. Glo 14-days plan:How To Get 1.2GB For N200 And 6GB For N1000(Opens in a new browser tab)

Glo Nigeria prides itself as the king of internet data in the country – and we can barely dispute that, considering how generous they are in dishing out cheap data plans. The Telecom still offers a single 14 days data plan, which gives their users 1.05GB (800MB + 250MB) for just N500. Nevertheless, new customers can get 1.8GB (1.6GB + 200 MB Night).

  1. MTN 14-days plan:

One of the strongest points about Mtn Nigeria is their strong internet connection. Talking about their 14 days plan, you can get it with N500 – 750MB that will last for two weeks. To activate this, simply text 103 to 131

All 7-days Data Plans In Nigeria

Having explored the 14 days plans, let’s deal with the 7 days bundles.

  1. Airtel 7days plan:

Starting with Airtel, you can 350MB for N300. To activate this, just dial *141*300# (lasts for 7 days). You can also get 1GB for N500 by dialing *141*502#. Finally, if you are a heavy user, you can use N1500 to get 6GB. All you have to do is to dial *141*1504# to get it activated.

  1. Glo 7days plan:

You can use N1500 to get 7GB with Glo weekly plan. Just dial *777# to activate this. Then, we should make mention of the Glo Campus Data Booster that gives you 1.12GB On-campus data, 125MB free data for sharing and N500 Glo to Glo Bonus (of course, you must be on campus to get this activated)

  1. NTEL 7days plan:

If you are a very heavy user, this is recommended. You should opt for the Ntel unlimited 7days plan for N5,200. Visit Ntel office to activate the plan.

  1. MTN 7days plan:

With Mtn, you can get 350MB for N300, which lasts for 7 days. To activate it, simply text 102 to 131. You can also opt for 1GB for N500. This one can be activated by texting 142 to 131. Finally, if you are a heavy user and want to choose a 7 days plan, simply text 143 to 131 to get 6GB for N1500.

  1. 9mobile 7days plan:

Finally, if you are on the 9mobile network, you can activate the 7GB + social plan for N1500. Just dial *229*2*2# to get this activated. Then, there is the 1GB + social for N500. This can be activated by dialing *229*2*1#. Finally, you can get 250MB for N200 by dialing *229*2*10#.

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