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Artificial Intelligence Rules Smartphones and Is About to Become Huge in the 2020s

Artificial Intelligence Rules Smartphones and Is About to Become Huge in the 2020s


Artificial Intelligence Rules Smartphones and Is About to Become Huge in the 2020s

We live in revolutionary times, no doubt. The world is changing from its core, and technology is taking over most of our lives. 

Artificial Intelligence Rules Smartphones
Artificial Intelligence Rules Smartphones

The modern person spends an average of 5.4 hours on their smartphone daily. Millennials spend even more – 5.7 hours. The reason for this is that smartphones offer almost everything we might need during the day – information, fun, work, shopping, etc. 


We live in a time when artificial intelligence is taking over the entire industry. Robots capable of performing complex tasks are everywhere around us. Does this sound like a horror story? Read on, and you’ll see that this is not anything similar to a dark, scary scenario. 

Where is Artificial Intelligence Used?

AI backs all smartphones today. We’re so used to this. We’re not even questioning ourselves how all these things work on our phones. It’s normal; you’re not the only person doing this.


According to app usage statistics, in 2017 only, users downloaded an astonishing number of 178 billion apps. There are 8.7 million app developers in the world working daily on new apps for better user experience. We can say that everything in our lives is soon going to become available through them – if it isn’t already.


How is this possible? Just think about the things you most commonly use on your phone. How many times during the day do you search for something on your smartphone? If you use an iPhone, you’re doing it through the AI-driven software called Siri. If you’re an Android user, you search through a similar AI robot called Google Assistant.

Voice Search Becoming a Significant Factor

Speaking of voice search, we must note that Amazon’s Echo dominates the entire voice search market. Americans love this product, and millions of homes use it for voice searching. 


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However, this is not the only place where voice search is important and is being used. The stats say that 50% of the entire voice search is being done in cars while the person searching is driving. 


Without the search engine’s AI, the user wouldn’t get any valuable information. The greatness of AI is the ability to multitask. At the same time, it can locate the user, understand what she needs through speech recognition, and provide the best search results.

What Can We Expect in the Future?

Did you know that major companies are literally investing billions of dollars in AI? For example, last year, Microsoft invested $1 billion, while Amazon injected another $700 million in this industry. The automobile industry also makes huge multi-billion investments, like the one Ford and Volkswagen made in July 2019, when they placed a total of $2.6 billion in a startup called Argo AI.

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The primary phone players, like Apple and Google, are not far behind. They already made their cut and have their own teams of developers working on it. In 2014, Google bought an AI startup for then staggering $400 million, while Apple invested in many different companies working in the same field. 


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With all this in mind, it’s clear that the industry is going to thrive, and our smartphones are going to become even more reliable, capable, and faster in providing the information we need. This year is also the year when the 5G network is going to be widely distributed and contribute to a much faster data transfer.


AI development, 5G networks, and apps are here to make sure that nothing is going to be out of reach in this decade. We could even expect autonomous smartphone operations, hologram AR calls, and much more. Does it seem like a bold prediction? Just wait, and you’ll see!


It’s obvious that this is going to be a revolutionary decade in the tech industry, and not just in the smartphone industry. Every year, we’ll be able to see vast improvements in the field. How much, we’ll need to stick around and find out.

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