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kwikmoney Instant Loans
kwikmoney Instant Loans

How to apply for a kwikmoney loan

How to apply for a kwikmoney loan

kwikmoney is an automated instant loan service. Verified by applygist.co we have tested and we show you step by step how to start. You don’t need any collateral at al at all.

Instant Loans

Whether you need working capital for your small business or need to handle a family emergency, kwikmoney lets you get instant loans from N10,000 to N200,000 direct to your bank account. Typically the loan tenor is 14-30 days, with interest rates from 10%. As you take loans and pay back, the system trusts you more, offering you higher amounts each time. No collateral, no documentation

kwikmoney Instant Loans
kwikmoney Instant Loans
To pay your kwikmoney loan, visit https://kwikmoney.com/pay or dial *561# and navigate to “Pay Loan”
Loan amounts are from N500 to N500,000. However, kwikmoney will usually start with a small loan and grow your amounts over time as you pay your loans and build trust with the system.


A verification code has been sent to 0816-956-***
Please enter the code to continue
If you are not receiving your OTP, please try removing your number from your network’s DND list by texting “ALLOW” to 2442.
you get message
Welcome 0816-956-****. Not your number?
Please select an option below to continue


Congratulations! Here are the loan offers available to you today. Please select a loan offer below:



Please add your bank account below
click proceed
Please select a bank account to use from the list below

You currently do not have any payment cards on file with us and we require one in order to pay out your loan.

Please visit register.kwikmoney.com/c/****  to add a payment card before proceeding, the link will expire shortly.

You can still pay your loan through other methods, however we reserve the right to debit this card for any remaining balance after the due date.

Click link and get to Add payment Card
Powered by Verve
Enter Card details then it takes you to OPT page
Kindly enter the OTP sent to
after that head to HOME page and chose the loan
Please verify the following information
Bank Name First Bank
Account Number 305****425
Loan Amount ₦2,500
Loan Term 14 days
Loan Interest 15%

You will owe ₦2,875 (loan + interest) due on Thursday, July 11, 2019.

Confirm you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Your loan is being disbursed! You will receive a confirmation SMS shortly. We look forward to serving you again soon!
So simple guys enjoy
You get Alert instantly in less than 30 Seconds
Congratulations! Your kwikmoney loan of N2,500 is now in your account 305****425 at First Bank. Your total of N2,875 must be paid by midnight on Thursday, July 11, 2019 to borrow higher amounts in the future. Please visit my.kwikmoney.com to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is critical you understand what you agree to when you take a kwikmoney loan. kwikmoney highlights four major points you must agree to when you accept a loan offer:

To pay the loan balance on or before the due date.

This means that kwikmoney is a loan and MUST be paid back by the due date.

2. To allow use of your personal data to determine loan offers.

This means you consent to kwikmoney considering and analysing your personal data in order to determine your loan offers. Your personal data comes from many sources, including your phone, your bank, bill payments, the credit bureaus, and other sources.

3. To be subject to fees and penalties for late payment.

This means you consent to pay additional fees and interest if your loan payment is late.

4. To allow messages to your contacts if you do not pay.

This means you consent to kwikmoney sending messages to anyone you have ever called or sent an SMS. kwikmoney will send these messages when you do not pay your loan on time.

Please visit https://www.kwikmoney.com/terms to read full Terms & Conditions. If you need further explanation of the Terms & Conditions please contact customer care by texting “HELP” to 561 (9mobile only) or calling +234 (0) 1 700 5290.\

Yes. You can use USSD menu shortcuts by placing your menu selections in the code you dial. For example if the last card you used to pay required PIN, CVV, and Expiration Date, the next time you pay you can skip the USSD menu by dialing *561*1*2*1*AMOUNT*1*PIN*CVV*EXP(MMYY)#, where AMOUNT is the amount you want to pay, PIN is your ATM card PIN, CVV is the CVV code on the back of your card, and EXP (MMYY) is the expiration date in ‘MMYY’ format. Note that different cards require different credentials, so you will need to pay attention to the USSD steps to ensure your shortcut is correct.
kwikmoney does not guarantee a time within which you will receive your loan, but most customers complete the application and receive the money in their bank account within a few minutes.
Yes. You can still access kwikmoney using your phone number even if it’s on a different network.

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