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5 Easy Tips To Charge Your Phone Faster

5 Easy Tips To Charge Your Phone Faster

It is actually a nice experience to be able to charge your phone very fast with no issues, and it is unpleasant when, due to various factors, you find it difficult seeing your device getting fully charged in a jiffy. Therefore, in this article, we will explore some ways to charge phones faster.

There are some phones with “ fast charging ” features, which means, the owners don’t have to worry much about their phones taking forever to charge. However, there are some other ones without this feature, and it means the owners have to device strategies to get it charged very fast.

Here are easy ways to charge phones faster:

1. Do Not Charge Via PC

It is necessary to avoid charging your phone through the USB port on a PC if you want it to be charged faster. The reason for this is that, most PCs USB ports delivers just 500mAh, and that is not sufficient for fast charging. However, if you are making use of perhaps a Java phone that has small capacity, you can make use of this. Additionally, for smartphone users, apart from PCs, also avoid charging via TV USB ports, DVD USB ports and car charger USB ports if you want your device to charge faster.

2. Use A High-Amperage Charger

If you want your smartphone to charge faster, when buying a new charger, try to make sure that you go for chargers with high amperage ratings from 1000mAh (1A) to 2500mAh (2.5A). When you buy chargers of this sort (irrespective of how much you spent on them), your smartphone will definitely charge faster.

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3. Use A Rapid Charger That Is Compatible

There are some smartphones that are actually equipped with fast charging technology that also comes with a rapid charger that boosts the amperage and the voltage. You need to be sure if your phone supports this, because some of the rapid chargers may not really work on some phone models. Take note that there are phones that make use of Qualcomm’s Quick Charge standard, and it is to say that chargers are interchangeable.

4. Avoid Wireless Charging

One of the technology being enjoyed today is wireless charging. However, you should take note of the fact that it won’t let your phone charge fast and quick. Therefore, while it is fun, avoid using it if you are trying to get your phone fully charged in a jiffy. You should know that even the wireless chargers that charge in a fast manner( those that charge faster than standard wireless chargers) are still going to take a pretty while to charge a phone than a high-amperage charger (such as the one that comes with an iPad). Therefore, we advise you should only make use of this if you are not in a hurry (I.e if you won’t mind that your phone shouldn’t take a lot of time before getting fully charged)

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5. Do Not Use Your Phone When It’s Charging

If you have the habit of using your phone while charging it, know that it slows down the charging time. If you are charging your phone and at the same time, you are surfing the web, you are taking pictures, you are chatting via chatting apps and so on, it will slow down your phone. In fact, some people believes such acts slowly kills the strength of your battery.

In Conclusion, yeah, charging fastly is cool and superb. It saves a lot of time quite alright, and you can have more time to settle and deal with other things. Therefore, you can actually apply these tips we have explored to charge your phone faster.


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