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Why You Need VideoProc to Stabilize Your Shaky Videos

Why You Need VideoProc to Stabilize Your Shaky Videos

Many photographers and video editors are usually worried about blurred pictures and videos. As we should know, these things tend to come up when capturing individuals or objects in motion. Nevertheless, professionalism demand that all should be done to stabilize it and deliver a perfect video to those who needs it.


Thanks goodness, you can get VideoProc – an all-purpose video processing and editing software which is also perfect to “stabilize shaky video”.

Key Features Of VideoProc Software

It is superb for editing videos that are recorded using action cams and even drones. It is impressive to note that the software can be utilized to stabilize footage and other things not desired.

Also, it can convert videos and audio files to like 400 output formats, and it also supports full GPU acceleration (with this, you won’t need to have headaches with processing of 4K videos). It is utilised to cut videos and pull out sections you don’t want, and to crop and delete black bars

One can also add subtitles, choose subtitle language and tracks, apply special visual effects, rotate and flip clips and to even merge several video fragments in different formats together into one MKV file.

Apart from all these, you can also apply filters like such as Graysale, Mirror, Edge and Painting to video tracks, fine-tune colors, add hues and so on.

In fact, it has GPU acceleration to hinder freezing and crash, and it can even record footage from one’s desktop or a webcam. The software is customizable and processes videos shot from any device including audios and DVDs

Reasons You Should Give VideoProc A Try

We have highlighted various features attached to the software, and we will still give some reasons why you should be convinced to give VideoProc a try for stabilizing your shaky videos.

Firstly, while using it, you can be rest assured that you are using a non-destructive video editing tool which can be utilized to customize video stabilization parameters

It offers best output quality with negligible frame loss or quality loss and it is available for both Windows operating system and Mac.

How To Stabilize Videos With VideoProc

It is very easy to get things done with this software, and we have taken time to highlight the processes involved.

After you have downloaded the software to your device, proceed to launch it

Then tap on the “Video icon” on the main interface, and click +Video to insert a shaky GoPro footage from the hard drive. Note that it is possible to add multiple videos for post stabilization at a time

After that is done, you will see a “ Toolbox“, to “ Deshake ” which is made for GoPro / DJI / iPhone video stabilization. After clicking on it twice, you can access setting window for possible GoPro video enhancement. From this place, it becomes possible to can set how shaky or quick the camera is as well as other enhancements.

Now, it is advisable to select “Nvidia / Intel / AMD under” where you will find “Hardware Acceleration Engine”, and then VideoProc embedded with Full Hardware Acceleration Tech will provide optimal utilization of your hardware for fastest processing speed

So you see, it is quite simple to get it fixed. If you need help, just let us know.

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