The Entrepreneurial Empowerment Summit [Spirit of Enterprise] 2019

RCCG LP27 Young Adults & Youth Affairs Entrepreneurial Empowerment


A New Season is Here, It is Time To MAXIMIZE!

Have you been considering options to earn more by owning your business, enlarging your business or leveraging on available opportunities to increase your economic worth?

The Entrepreneurial Empowerment Summit [Spirit of Enterprise] 2019
The Entrepreneurial Empowerment Summit [Spirit of Enterprise] 2019
Join us at The Entrepreneurial Empowerment Summit aka Spirit of Enterprise.

This Edition of The Entrepreneurial Empowerment Summit (Spirit of Enterprise) is Organised by RCCG Lagos Province 27 Young Adults & Youth Affairs, To Achieve The Following:

1. Strategically re-organize and reposition the minds of our young adults and youths on the need, benefits, and possibilities in entrepreneurial-skills acquisition, development & investment.
2. Encourage high economic productivity amongst our young adults and youths.
3. Enable young adults and youths to see and seize the great opportunities in adversities
4. Share in the real-life experiences of speakers/facilitators with qualitative/inspiring track records, who may be able to cause the giant in us to arise by God’s grace.
5. Raise up an army of entrepreneurs and empowered young adults and youths capable of economically doing the Kings Business at any level.
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Talkback Sessions
  • Business Expo
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Do you desire to become more enterprising, financially stable and economically powerful, Register Now to attend…
This Sumit has been fully paid for i.e. Admission is Free, but you will have to register to attend, Limited seats available!
To display your business products & services during the event for business networking with other businesses and potential customers, please send an email to with details of the products and or services you will be displaying. Do not delay, limited tables available, Do It NOW!


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