How To Extend Your Special #200 GLO Subscription Plan Of 1.2GB to 14 Days.

Subscription GLO N200 Plan Of 1.2GB to 14 Days

First, migrate to GLO JUMBO *224#, and recharge #200 u will receive 1000 Naira Bonus for calls & 100mb data then buy the #200 special plan with *777# then press

1 > press 1 > press 5 > press 2 > press 1 finally

Glo 200 Naira for 1.5gb subscription
Glo 200 Naira for 1.5gb subscription

How To Extend Your Special #200 GLO Subscription Plan Of 1.2GB to 14 Days.

The trick here is applying two tariff plan to achieve huge data which one of the plan is Glo Oga SIM. Few months back, Glo introduced Oga SIM that works for all new SIMs, be it 3G or 4G sim cards. The plan comes as a default to each SIM. For old users, You are eligible provided you have not subscribed for the past 90days, while the new users are eligible for this offer starting the day they purchase a new Glo SIM.  Steps to Extend Glo 1.2GB For N200

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The other tariff plan is Glo Yakata which gives you bonus when ever you recharge. Using the default plan/offer alone (Oga SIM) gives you 1.8GB for N500 valid for 14 days (2weeks) while the trick i am about to teach you here will give you 2.4GB for N500 valid for 21 days. Without wasting much of your time, let’s go on with the eligibility starting from Glo OGA SIM.


Subscription GLO N200 Plan Of 1.2GB to 14 Days
Subscription GLO N200 Plan Of 1.2GB to 14 Days

Dial *127*0# to view Glo Data Balance

Previously this was how we extended it to 10 Days

Steps to Extend Glo 1.2GB For N200

Guys in case you been asking how you can enjoy more days using your Glo for just N200 sub, let me teach you how to extend the validity of the newly launched Glo 1.2GB for N200 which is originally valid for 3 days. Many Glo subscribers weren’t happy for the short validity period. We just discovered a new trick to extend the data validity to 10 days (which is not bad, if you ask me). That’s not all, instead of getting 1.2GB data for N200, you will be getting 1.5GB at the same price. Read more

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