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Glo Cheat Data 2018 : Get 5.2GB for N100 and 10.4GB for N200

Glo Cheat Data 2018

Latest Glo Data Cheat: Get 5.2GB for N100 and 10.4GB for N200

Last month Glo introduced Glo Oga Sim, a package that allowed users to Get 120% Bonus i wrote about it Glo Oga Sim comprehensive data plans 12GB for 2500 Only That been done, The Nigerian Indigenous ISP Gloreleased another Amazing Bonus where Nigeria Userscan to get a huge amount of data

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Hottest Glo Data Plans January 2018
Glo 180GB Data Get 5.2GB for N100

Imagine you getting a whopping 5.2GB for N100 and 10.4GB for N200 on Glo network? Glo Cheat Data 2018 It has been tested and confirmed by Anonymous Walker. Via this post, we will show you guys the full steps on how to enjoy this cheap Glo data trick.

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How To Get Glo 5.2GB For N100 and 10.4GB For N200

Note that this may be Sim selective. So let’s get down to the full steps.

First of all, you need to migrate to Glo Jollification package by dialing *603# and a whopping bonus of 10.4GB will smile at you on every recharge of N200 via your Bank or recharge through OneCard (N200 PIN) while 5.2GB will also smile at you on every recharge of N100 via bank or recharge through OneCard (N100 PIN). Glo Cheat Data 2018

Check Glo Cheat Data balance

Dial #122# to check your data balance.

For more about Glo Oga sim read below

Comprehensive Glo Cheat Data 2018

  1. A new subscriber who buys N500 worth of data subscription will automatically get 1.8GB of data instead of the usual 800MB
  2. Customer who buys N1000 data package gets 3.6GB instead of 1.6GB.
  3. N2000 fetches the subscriber 8.26GB instead of 3.65GB
  4.  N2,500 gives a whopping 12.9GB instead of 5.75GB”

How do I Get Glo Oga Sim Offer?

1. Make sure your Glo sim is 4G(not compulsory) enabled or go to the nearest Glo outlet to upgrade your 3G sim to 4G – Glo Cheat Data 2018

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2. Renew the plan before your current plans expire.

And for your information, Glo subscribers have also been testifying that 4G sim is faster in their location compare to some other places.

Glo Cheat Data 2018


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