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Is 9mobile 4.5GB for N500 Working on All Devices? Yes

Is 9mobile 4.5GB for N500 Working on All Devices? Yes

Here is the truth about the working 4.5GB for 500 and 1gb for 200 9mobile free browsing

I first thought this was a joke but it is not, while I was checking how real this ongoing Data offer from 9mobile formerly known as Etisalat is, I discovered that truely you can now get  4.5GB for just N500. Of a certain this was out of envy of ongoing Artel Double Data offer, were new sim cards of Airtel users can get double of whatever data they purchase on first subscription. Lets say Airtel for example will give you 7GB from just data purchase of 2000 Naira. No network service provider will want o be left out, so Etisalat now wants to lure customers to purchase more data on the 9mobile platform. Apart from this, 9Mobile was pulled out of Etisalat, this as well have some set backs to the Etisalat network, also considering that the world today is powered by Data usage more than Airtime purchase. Everyone now is on the social media, and Data is the gateway to stay connected to loved ones. Personally i hardly call people, what i do most times is Whatsapp Call and Chats, if you not online you may hardly hear from me for a long time.

Apart from the fact that data is the New World Order, businesses as well are powered by the internet, a shut down on internet for a month world wide will lead to an unfathomed economic comertoes.

But actually, it’s real despite the high price of their data. The offer was newly introduced this weekend and was made known to all on their social media platforms.

 9mobile 4.5GB for N500


The new 9mobile 4.5GB for N500 has some advantages and disadvantages as well. The advantage of this sub is that once you do the required things, you must get the data while its disadvantage is that old user aren’t included in this offer. Looking at it from the other side, you can clearly see that this is a business strategy subscription to get more costumers.

Steps to activate 9MOBILE 4.5GB FOR N500

Kindly head to any shop of your choice and register your 9mobile SIM

After successful registration, dial 200 and select 2 to activate your line

Now, recharge N500 and dial *229*10*16# to receive the 4.5GB

How Long does the Etisalat 4.5gb for 500 last?

The sub is valid for 5 Days only and no rollover is included just like the 9mobile 1gb for N200.

This data is a one-time activation which simply means that you will be able to do it once per SIM. Is indeed a huge data and best way to drag costumers. Great strategy, happy using.

HOW TO CHECK 4.5gb for 500 BALANCE

To check balance, no code was given but i think the normal data balance code via *228# can work on it.

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