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Updates About SkyWay Capital

Updates About SkyWay Capital

Here is the latest news about SkyWay Capital!

Recently, these guys have been on my neck to invest in the company, however, one of the biggest issues i have had with SkyWay Capital is the ability to grasp what this company is all about. SkyWay Capital as the name goes is basically a revolutionary transport company who aim to make an impact in the way we view transport. It has sufficient technical know-how as to the new world of electronic transportation, with the aim of making life better.

Updates About SkyWay Capital

The company offers an opportunity for public investment which are sold in terms of Share Capital, which in turn is invested into transport projects. The ai is that at the end, you get a % of profit as of the time of taking off a projet. This indeed has a lot of consequences and at the same time offer a huge financial opportunity of a lifetime. Billionaires will say no profit without Risk, well this will be left to the investor to bear.

Today, applygist.com simply gathered updates about SkyWay Capital for you the most important and interesting news headlines arond the globe so that you do not have to search for separate bits of information on your own.

Updates About SkyWay Capital

Dassault systèmes and SkyWay

The company Dassault Systèmes announced that SkyWay Technologies Co. was adopting the 3DExperience platform for combining development, engineering, construction and production capabilities in a single digital environment.  updates about SkyWay Capita l

Rails, strings and the city of the future

Several articles of the new issue of the magazine “Machines and Mechanisms” were devoted to the string transport and other ideas of Anatoliy Yunitskiy: one-third of the issue gives the information about various aspects of the SkyWay string transport systems. updates about SkyWay Capital

About SkyWay high-speed transport

In September of this year, there is planned the long-awaited premiere in Berlin: the SkyWay high-speed module. The novelty is unique in many ways and already comes as a surprise. updates about SkyWay Capital

Questions about SkyWay high-speed transport

The news “About SkyWay high-speed transport” caused quite a stormy discussion, and among the opponents, there are even some of our investors. updates about SkyWay Capital That is why we decided to ask the creator and General Designer of the SkyWay technology for some clarifications”.

Questions about SkyWay high-speed transport

News “About SkyWay high-speed transport: less is more” caused quite a stormy (and mostly negative) discussion of the “sofa experts”, to whom, unfortunately some of our investors-opponents belong . That is why our news service asked for clarifications from the main expert, General Designer of the technology which bears his name. Here are Anatoliy Yunitskiy’s answers to the opponents’ main claims.

Anatoliy Yunitskiy’s commentaries

“Firstly, we are creating a new transport and infrastructure branch, the optimization of which is a very complex process with non-trivial cause-and-effect relations. Have you ever thought about the reasons why Ford’s car beat Stefenson’s steam locomotive? Billions of cars on 35 million kilometers of highways run in the world, while the length of railways is just over a million. There are two main reasons: travelling “door-to-door” due to extensive transport and logistics network, and the possibility for an individual to buy a relatively inexpensive small vehicle (“family car”). Therefore, the advise to make high-speed unibuses with a capacity like a train and a tram is not to me (and not to Ford: his shareholders even sued him for the “wrong” chosen vector of development against the background of rapidly developing railways). We will have, though, multi-seat public unibuses of larger capacity for long distance trips on the main tracks with sleeping places and toilets, with a shower, like minibuses and coaches on autobahns today. Secondly, SkyWay is a trestle transport. And the cost of any trestle is almost linearly dependent on the value of the design load. What does this mean? For example, in the high-speed Minsk-Moscow string highway project, we minimized the cost of a high-speed flyover to 3 million dollars per kilometer (total cost – 2.1 billion dollars). But I could not resist the onslaught of our more “advanced savvy sofa experts” and allowed in the project 100-passenger unibuses weighing 50 tons each to travel on the track. At the same time, the cost of the flyover will increase up to $ 15 million per kilometer (the total cost of the project will cost $ 8.5 billion more). The payback period of the project will increase from 3 to 15 years, the price of tickets will increase 5-fold and investors will refuse to finance the project. And where will then those long-awaited dividends be, about which these most “savvy sofa experts” speak all the time from every single device, maybe avoiding only an iron and a water pipe?

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