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Ntel Office Nearest to me

Ntel Office Nearest to me

Today we would learn one or two more stuff aboutNtel, last time I wrote on RECHARGE Ntel WITH EASE – Buy Ntel recharge Card at Ntel Stores,  however today I want to show you more easy ways to relate regarding Ntel.

As we know Ntel Ng is a 4G/LTE-Advanced Internet Service Provider(ISP). ntel is Nigeria’s most revolutionary 4G/ LTE-Advanced network that delivers superfast call-connect times, crystal clear Voice-over-LTE and high-speed Internet access (up to 100Mbps). Our aim is to deliver value by providing the most advanced broadband-based solutions and supreme service.  Ntel Office Nearest to me

Ntel Office Nearest to me

Another amazing fact about Ntel is that it works on Only 4G Network-enabled phone or devices, which means you can use it on your Jailbroken Spectranet Mifi, Mifi is small Wifi gadgets which you can easily put in your pocket or bag and carry along anywhere you are going. So if your Phone is only 3G my dear dont buy this sim, Ntel sims will never work on your 3G enabled phones. So if you have a universal MIFI as I just explained above, mostly support 4G and even 5G networks. Ntel Office Nearest to me

However owning a 4G enable phone or Mifi does not guarantee Ntel Sim to work for you, you need to be within Ntel Network reach. Shortly I will update you on current locations where you can gain Ntel Network reach.

One of the biggest issues a new Ntel user will also face is the issues of customers care. Ntel has one of the most annoying services ever in Nigeria. The reason is this, to even get the sim is work, after getting the sim, if you don’t activate your Ntel sim ie use it after registration is completed. Once you purchase an Ntel sim card, you will register it and wait for 24 hours. But be mindful of this, once your Ntel 4G sim is active and you did not use it within 48 hours that is 2 days, according to NCC Nigerian Telecoms Communications Corporation, new sims not used within 48 hours are barred.

What does Barred Ntel Sim mean?

If you have registered your Ntel sim newly and they were unable to use it after a stipulated period of time, it will be temporarily blocked. This type of blocking of Ntel sim is referred to as Barred. you must call Ntel office via call tollfree from your ntel line on 400 or 0700-6835-5483 from your other network. Ntel Office Nearest to me



or only ₦1,500, you get super-fast, super affordable and unlimited* data to access the Internet 24/7. Valid for 2 days. Ntel Office Nearest to me
*Data Test Drive rules apply


For only ₦3,750 weekly, you get superfast, super affordable and unlimited* data to access the Internet 24/7. Valid for 7 days.
*Data Test Drive rules apply Ntel Office Nearest to me


For only ₦17,500 monthly, you enjoy unlimited* superfast Internet access for a whole month! Valid for 30 days.
*Data Test Drive rules apply

ntel offices in Nigeria

Ntel Office Nearest to me



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