How To Unroot Your Android Smartphones For OS Updates

Unroot Your Android Smartphones

Rooting should be one of the top things on your mind when you just purchase an Android phone as it can give you full control over your phone and it’s now easier than before. To unroot your Android smartphones is another another thing entirely.

But sometimes things might come up, maybe your smartphone is processing is slow due to some uncleared bugs or your smartphone requires an update which you need to unroot your Android smartphone it temporarily as you get can get bricked if you update it while rooting is still on.

You might be wondering how to unroot an already rooted Android smartphone but do you know you can do that in a single click.

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unroot your Android smartphone

Follow the below steps to gain full unroot your Android smartphone or unroot temporarily for OS updates without a PC:

  1. Download SuperSu from google play store and install – new download link now on play store or ask me for the link using comment box i will send it to you free
  2. Launch the application and click settings then click Full Unroot
  3. Reboot your phone and find your Android phone completely unrooted

    Unroot Your Android Smartphone Temporarily For OS Updates

    If your smartphone requires a must update and you need to backup your root follow the below procedure

    • Download Voodoo root keeper and install
    • Launch the app and select Protect Root
    • Then select Temp Unroot(keeps backup)
    • Now update your Android update safely

When completed open the voodoo root keeper and restore your superuser safely.

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