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6 ways to increase battery life on your Galaxy S9 and S9 plus

6 ways to increase battery life on your Galaxy S9 and S9 plus

Increase Battery Life on your Galaxy S9

If by any means you owns a Samsung Galaxy S9 or a Galaxy S9 Plus, you definitely have a classical, high-level smartphone in your hands. Despite the many innovations introduced by Samsung, the congenital concern for every lover of the mobile sector, that is the duration of the batteries, is always present which brings in the question on how can you increase battery life on your Galaxy S9!!!

If you do not intervene with appropriate tricks, the owners of Galaxy S9 phones are likely to not get back with powered phones at the end of the day in case of excessive use of the smartphone. Let’s find out in this article how to increase the battery life of Galaxy  S9 and S9 Plus, Samsung’s top range and finally get the best of your phone battery with ease.

In fact, power consumption, a massive use, can easily reduce the duration of use even of such technologically advanced devices. To this, we also add a battery certainly not exceptional and consumption management certainly not exceptional below are ways to increase the battery life of Galaxy  S9 and S9 Plus.


Tips and ways to increase the battery life of Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus


Optimize memory management

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a built-in tool that can monitor which apps are running in the background and use the battery. Thanks to this feature, called  Device Maintenance, it is possible to reduce consumption and, consequently, reduce the consumption of energy contained in the battery.

The most immediate and easy way to launch this useful tool is the following:

  • Open Settings
  • Select Device Maintenance
  • Choose Optimize

At this point, the Galaxy S9 will automatically search for applications not strictly necessary in execution and will propose to close them.

In addition to this basic functionality, the Device Maintenance screen offers more Clicking on the bottom left on Battery you can view a section called  App Power Monitoring: it will allow you to pause applications in the background preventing it from consuming battery.

Naturally, by doing so, you will not receive notifications from the app in question. If it’s not a problem to shut down little useful apps or video games, choosing to close messaging apps exposes us to an absence of notifications in case someone searches for us.

Decrease the brightness of the screen

Just like reducing the timeout time, the brightness also affects the energy profile of the Galaxy S9 Plus and its normal version. A brighter display uses more power, thus reducing battery life.

The advice is to rely at least on the automatic adjustment of the display. In fact, it is good not to rely a lot on it: just a beam of light points the sensors involved in the adjustment to get the maximum brightness even when not necessary. For this reason, I always deactivate the automatic brightness, entrusting the management of this parameter to my “sensitivity” to light.

If you were also interested in disabling automatic brightness you have to:

  • Go to  Settings
  • Select  Display
  • Set the automatic adjustment to Off
  • Move the brightness slider to choose the best possible value for the scenario in which you are

Reduce the screen resolution

The display of the Galaxy S9 is capable of providing an extraordinary resolution of 2960 x 1440 pixels, although the default resolution is 2220 x 1080 pixels.

The increase in resolution could undoubtedly improve the user experience when watching videos and intense gaming sessions. These benefits, however, go against a considerable increase in the stress of the smartphone: to render the additional pixels the chipset of the device has a greater load, requiring more computing power to fulfill all requests and a consequent increase in energy demands.

Fortunately, the Korean company allows you to change in a few steps the resolution of S9 and the Plus version. To change the display resolution you have to:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Select the Screen item
  • Choose the new resolution: my advice is to never go beyond the  FHD + (2200 x 1080 pixels), although the  HD + (1480 x 729 pixels) could be the ideal for most situations
  • Confirm the new resolution by pressing  Apply

Disable the AOD

The S9’s Always-On Display (AOD) is useful for quickly checking the time or displaying notifications, but there is one small problem: it works perpetually in the background. As the screen has to turn on promptly to our touch, an Android process constantly monitors the tactile input of the display, to illuminate it in case of contact.

This feature, although it can be useful for most users, drastically reduces the life of your battery. If you also consider that the lighting of the display is the most important item for battery consumption, the AOD is one of the first features to disable to gain autonomy on S9 and S9 Plus.

To deactivate the Always On Display you must:

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Go to Lock screen and security
  • Switch the display switch to Off

Reduce the standby time for the display

After these explanations, we have surely understood that the display is the most energetic component among all. There are other settings that we can improve! Surely: the timeout time of your display, ie how many seconds of inactivity are needed to enter standby, can be another factor of consumption.

Reducing waiting seconds is a good way to save some more battery. To do this you must:

  • Open the  Settings
  • Select the Display item
  • Go to Screen Timeout

After that, you can choose 15 seconds (the minimum option) to be able to lighten consumption.

How to use the smartphone in times of emergency even if the battery is scarce

If you are in a situation where you have a low battery and it is absolutely necessary that the phone is switched on and able to receive messages or calls, you can rely on one of the power saving mode designed by Samsung itself. To activate them you must:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Device Maintenance
  • Choose Battery
  • Select one of the options (more or less drastic) proposed by the device.

The Galaxy S9 will show you via popup, what will be the corrective actions taken on your device to cope with the emergency. The options on which the smartphone automatically intervenes are different. These include reducing the screen resolution, turning off background data, turning off the fingerprint reader, and changing the display colors.

With those points stated above I think it will no longer be a bigger issue to drag about for Samsung S9 and S9 Plus users on  the  very possible 6 ways to increase battery life on your Galaxy S9. Hope you find the content interesting?



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