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Create Drag and Drop WordPress Custom Pages

Create Drag and Drop WordPress Custom Pages

Drag and Drop WordPress

If you are a beginner and finding things difficult for customizing the page layout, this drag-and-drop method would be a fantastic recommendation for you. As we can, page builders have become extremely popular, and such products as Divi from ElegantThemes and Beaver Builders are often featured in comparsions such as this one from Collectiverayhttps://www.collectiveray.com/wp/plugins/beaver-builder-vs-divi

Drag and Drop WordPress

Everyone wants the simplest possible way of developing and customising a WordPress site. Trying drag and drop WordPress page builder plugin can be the best recommendation for such people as it gives them the opportunity of customising the site features without writing any code.

Advantages of drag-and-drop page builders over premium WordPress themes?

Well, good news is that one can take help of drag and drop WordPress page builder plugins for wordpress development. These plugins allow the user to customise each segment of the site, without writing any code. No matter you wish to add several columns, customised backgrounds, large size images, customised content slider, or anything else, one can get the desired result simply through drag-and-drop approach.

One can find a huge range of premium WordPress themes these days, which come with numerous types of page layouts. But, these are absolutely tough from customisation point of view for anyone with zero coding knowledge, or the knowledge of HTML and CSS.

One can find a range of drag and drop page builders, some of those are part of theme frameworks, and others are of plugins. Anyway, if you are in confusion about which drag-and-drop page builder to go with, given below are the two best recommendations in this regard.

Create WordPress pages using Divi

Apart from Beaver Builder, Divi can be another fantastic recommendation for those looking for an easy yet feature-rich drag-and-drop WordPress page builder tool. Divi is equally fast as well, as of its simplicity. This very popular WordPress theme comes with more than 20 types of layouts and templates, those can be suitable for whole range of sites you see in modern times.

It’s absolutely easy to create and save a Divi layout. One can also bring a layout from another Divi installation. There are a huge number of elements in Divi that can be dragged and dropped anywhere within the layout.

Given below are some of the differentiating features of the tool.

  • Divi’s real time design makes it distinguishing from the others. Upon making a change with the page, it gets updated immediately.
  • It’s one of the fastest page builders. One doesn’t need any kind of page refreshment or need not wait for loading.
  • With Divi, adjusting dimension is extremely easy. Moreover, Divi is the first ever page builder that offers perfectly customisable user interface, which gives user the opportunity to arrange elements in accordance with the display and content.
  • Divi makes responsive designing easier than ever. You can have preview of the design on different device types, be it about tablets, smartphones, or PCs, within just few clicks.
  • Adding rows, columns, or any element of the content is a playful affair with Divi. Moreover, Divi brings more than 20 template layouts to choose from. Uisng these tools, designing a new page is a matter of few minutes. All that you need is to load them, put the content, and witness the best. This is something that makes Divi perfect for beginners.
  • Divi gives its users the opportunity to enjoy live responsive preview, and thus to implement customised changes for different types of devices.
  • Divi gives its user to customise every element. Be it about rearranging the fonts, colours, resizing, framing, or even implementing custom CSS, everything can be done very easily.
  • Divi brings you 46 varieties of content elements. It allows the user to blend, compare, and develop using these, as per your imagination.
  • With Divi, one doesn’t need to visit the setting panel every time for adding text contents. All you need is to put a click on the page and start typing.

Price and Review:

Divi is a paid tool, the pricing of which starts from $69 per year. Divi too has got inspiring reviews from the critics. Its user review is also quite commendable. From functionality point of view, the tool is fantastic. Switching between the themes is quite easy as well. Overall, it’s a very good tool, presenting the perfect combination n of fundamental, as well as advanced features for its users.

Creating drag and drop WordPress pages with Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a fantastic recommendation for the beginners. This is a premium WordPress drag and drop page builder plugin. It is considered as the best WordPress page builder plugin in contemporary time.

The most interesting part about Beaver Builder is its swiftness. It’s a supremely fast tool that comes with perfect arrangement for the users to make them used – to with the platform.

Undoubtedly Beaver Builder comes with various fundamental modules to be helpful for the beginners. But, at the same time, there are advanced modules in it as well, enabling the user to do any kind of customised change as he/she wishes. Beaver Builder provides the modules for integrating sliders, cover background, action keys, etc, to make the blog look most advanced

To be specific, the live drag and drop interface can be very useful for the users. Being a user, one can easily manage to witness the whole range of changes you do by adding them (simply by taking elements from the right section and putting those on the site). A user can put a click on any of the element within the page for editing its properties.

Price and review:

Beaver Builder has got incredible reviews. It has been applauded by both the users, as well as the critics. One can easily claim it as one of the simplest page builder made so far. The fully furnished templates are incredible to be used. It lets the user to customise every little part with sheer perfection.

Beaver Builder is indeed a paid tool, the pricing of which starts from $99. However, it is here to mention that one can use it for unlimited number of sites upon purchasing once. It can be assured to the user that the tool can give the full value of its money; even more.

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