Xiaomi Umbrella

Xiaomi Umbrella Ultra Light Automatic Foldable

Its Sunny and Raining Season in most part of the continents who experience this type of weathers. This year, don’t get caught up in bad weather because you are not prepared yet. Applygist.com recommend this gadgety umbrella for you, buy the Xiaomi Umbrella Ultra Light Automatic Foldable Sun-Rain Umbrella One Key to Open & Close – Black

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Xiaomi Umbrella Specification

General Brand: Xiaomi
Color: Black
UPF: 50+
Material: 100%
Rib: Aluminum alloy + Fiber glass
Dimension&Weight Close: 336*59*59mm
Open: 1070±5mm*660mm
Weight: 420g
Package Contents 1 x Umbrella

Price: US$ 29.99

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Highlights on the Xiaomi Umbrella

This amazing umbrella is waterproof cloth-designed, with :

  • ultra-light
  • high density
  • strong and lightweight,
  • durable.

Xiamo Umbrella

The level of the umbrella cloth’s waterproof performance is up to 5. Shake the umbrella gently after the heavy rain, the rainwater can be moved away easily. It’s waterproof and anti-penetrated more comprehensivelyEfficient sunscreen

The portable umbrella is made from UVoutex FABRICS coat which in its right goes well with the characteristics such as high dyeing, fastness, high strength and so on. It’s effective to block the harmful ultraviolet rays and do achieve the UV protection with the high degree of shading, superior shielding and heat insulation.

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Umbrella operation instructions

To operate the  Xiaomi Umbrella, all you need to do is push One Key Button, on the handle of the umbrella, this will trip open and close automatically with no stress.

So all thanks to the company who not only manufactures GSM Phones and Android gadgets but also came out with an innovative tool to help people get come cover when nature calls. You can read about 8 VPN Tricks for Android 

The manufacturers of this Android type umbrella, the frame structure of the umbrella is very strong. It is made up with aluminum and fiberglass materials, qualified with the amazing materials and being lightweight at the same time. This helps the user of the Xiomi Umbrella overcome strong winds without it being overshadowed by strong wind when rains begin to fall, and at the same time have good shade utilities.

How safe is the umbrella?

Yes, the umbrella is safe for use and it easily fits into your bag, this saves you the stress of taking many items at a time.

Where to Buy? and Price

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Price: US$ 29.99

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