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Download SlowDNS for Android 2018

Download SlowDNS for Android 2018

Here is a guide how to download and use  SlowDNS for Android 2018 VPN

There are many ways to protect your privacy online, that is by using a vpn. you can remember my detailed articled 8 VPN Tricks for Android something you wont want to miss if you really need a VPN. The article also covers how to use ExpressVPN one of the most powerful VPN for Android and PC.

Well for today i will give your free internet trick which you can use to browse free and also used to Protect your privacy online with this SlowDNS VPN. I know my readers from Jamaica, New Papua and countries with Digicel have been demanding tricks Digicel APN Setting for free internet, well I am still working on that you guys need to give me time to give you a working proxy. However, you can use Slow DNS

For PNG Free Internet Setting

Proxy for PNG www.rdl.co.zw Use on Psiphon Download Psiphon VPN Here No proxy needed for this settings. Proxy:

Port:  8080

Let’s get back to download  SlowDNS for Android 2018. According to the official release of the latest version of SlowDNS, the SlowDNS VPN App for Android phones and PC, which helps users secure and make their identity online hidden and not easily traceable. This is possible with SlowDNS App which in turn keeping your location permanently anonymous.  So much stuff can be tweaked with SlowDNS, when you download the app, navigate to the options to choose your desired  DNS parameters which will help you get the desired browsing speed.

SlowDNS for Android 2018  is a VPN app which is designed to help you funnel your Internet connection through 15 different countries. And best of all is that setting up the parameters for the app and starting to browse is so easy that you’ll be ready to go in less than a minute.

This VPN can be used by anyone in any country without even having to register or pay. Also, almost all devices smartphones and Android can use it even if the phone is not rooted.

How to use SlowDNS for free browsing

There are many ways in which you can use SlowDNS to browse, now this can be tricky because not everyone may be able to get these settings right. Understand that SlowDNS for Android 2018 does not imply that the Application is slow, but it was designed to help you do some cool tricks and hide your location.

Now to tweak free browsing you need to do some work, I cannot be in every country to get this tricks for everyone. Be observant on the activities of your Internet Service Providers (ISP),    whenever you discover there is a URL that allows you access a web page for free without money, then here is the loop. Let take for example Blackberry, few years Blackberry was one of the most used phones on the planet, where you could subscribe just once in a month and have unlimited aces to the internet, now that is a loop. You could explore the url link and use  either Psiphon VPN or Slow DNS. 




Let’s say your ISP allows you to access these sites free to download any application, there use the SlowDNS VPN app to extend usage of such free internet access to buffer you stay time. When you have the right Proxy, you can use it to power your entire device so that it can browse free.  With this, you can start downloading whatever you want absolutely free.

If your network provider allows you to enjoy a free service such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram free and unlimited, then explore proxies like twitter.com, instagram.com, facebook.com etc. then use any of the IP Address we publish on the Proxy Category  of this website found HERE 

Requirements to Download SlowDNS for Android

Requirements for this app to work properly on your device is that your phone OS should be at least  Android 4.0  and down to the Latest version

SlowDNS for Android Download Link

Download below and SlowDNS for Android File Size is 9.48 MB

slowdns-2-5-4(Applygist.com).apk – 9.5 MB

ASK FOR LINK CONTACT US USING admin@applygist.com we send you the app fast

Slow DNS Settings in Pictures

Here is a list of Working proxy servers today

Download SlowDNS

IP Address Port Code Country Anonymity Google Https 8080 BD Bangladesh anonymous no no 53281 HU Hungary elite proxy no no 20183 BR Brazil transparent no no 3129 SG Singapore transparent no no 8080 FR France anonymous no no 53281 IN India elite proxy no no 8118 SG Singapore elite proxy no no 80 NL Netherlands anonymous no no 80 EC Ecuador elite proxy no no 3128 NL Netherlands anonymous no no 8080 ID Indonesia transparent no no 65301 PK Pakistan elite proxy no yes 8080 IN India elite proxy no yes 80 US United States elite proxy no yes 53 IT Italy elite proxy no yes 3128 KG Kyrgyzstan elite proxy no yes 53281 RU Russian Federation elite proxy no yes 1080 SG Singapore elite proxy no yes 8080 GB United Kingdom elite proxy no yes 3128 FR France elite proxy no yes

Country Specific Proxy Server IP Address and Port

Download SlowDNS

South Africa 

IP Address Port Code Country Anonymity Google Https 80 ZA South Africa elite proxy no no 8080 ZA South Africa transparent no no 53281 ZA South Africa elite proxy no no 1

Proxy Servers IP and Port  Germany 

IP Address Port Code Country Anonymity Google Https 80 DE Germany elite proxy no no 80 DE Germany anonymous no no 80 DE Germany anonymous no no 31288 DE Germany anonymous no yes 80 DE Germany anonymous no no 31288 DE Germany anonymous no yes 3128 DE Germany elite proxy no no 1337 DE Germany elite proxy no yes 31288 DE Germany anonymous no yes 443 DE Germany elite proxy no no

Proxy list free free proxy server list anonymous proxy server list working proxy lis Hide My IP – Free Proxy List, UK Proxy server port IP Address. Download SlowDNS

What is a proxy server?

When you browse the internet, especially from HTTP connection, that IP address of the client machine is necessarily transmitted in order to get the information back. thus, it allows a server to identify the source of the web request. Any resource you access can gather personal information about you through your unique IP address [Internet Protocol ]- your ID in the Internet. They can monitor your reading interests, spy upon you and log your requests for third parties. Also, owners of the Internet resources may impose some restrictions on users from certain countries or geographical regions

We are sure not all users of the internet will like their identity exposed and location monitored. Many users on the internet could get trapped to hackers if you don’t take precaution and hide your true identity. Someone will ask, Is this legitimate to hide your real location? well that is left to individual preference To continue understanding what proxy servers are, note that an anonymous proxy server acts as a middleman between your browser and an end server. Instead of contacting the end server directly to get a web page, the browser contacts the proxy server, which forwards the request on to the end server. Download SlowDNS

This will wait for the end server replies, the proxy server sends the reply to the browser. No direct communication occurs between the client and the destination server, therefore it appears as if the HTTP request originated from the intermediate server. The only way to trace the connection to the originating client would be to access the logs on the proxy server (if it keeps any)

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