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Google Assistants will soon let you call it by any name

Google Assistants will soon let you call it by any name

Google Assistants 

Google Assistant 

Virtual assistants like the Google Mini and Amazon Echo have been developed with keywords which they respond to when spoken. That has caused a lot of problems for some users, while some others would want something special. Google is now looking into that and very soon, you will be able to wake up your device with a custom word.



This word – called the ‘wake word’ – can be anything you makeup and customise for your Google Assistant unit.

Before now, the only way to wake the Google Assistant up was by saying ‘Okay Google.’ Some users felt that was too formal, so the Android OS giant introduced the option to use ‘Hey Google’ instead. However, none of both beats having the chance to customise these commands to become something more personal.

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This update would surely make it easy for you to now get needed updates without having to call out the name of the developing company every time. What is left to see now is if the major competition of Google assistant devices – Amazon with the Echo – would follow suit or do one better.

Another good news is that the update scheduled to bring this new configuration feature would also allow users receive Google Duo video calls from the comfort of their Assistants. There is no date to when the updates would start rolling out, but watch this space for more updates.

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