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Getting Started: An Introduction to Online Business

Online Business

The Expert Guide An Introduction to Online Business

Though there are many definitions for online business, here’s the
one that I deem most apt for our discussion here:
Online business is one that is operated via the internet and that
brings income via the internet as well (my definition).
In online business, your website or blog is your showroom/store
where you display your wares and skills and convince prospects
that you offer quality.

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There are two types of online business: active and passive
An active online business is one that requires you to render
specific services or requires your active participation in some other
way. Most of the time, the profit you’ll make from an active business
is proportionate with your activity.

Online Business
Online Business

For instance, I’m a freelance writer. So, my monthly income is based
on how many writing assignments I complete within a month. If I
decide not to write, then I won’t make money.
Your online business would be an active one if you render services
such as ghost-writing, graphics design, SEO, programming, virtual
assistance, data entry, etc.
A passive online business is one that brings income continuously
even when you’re not actively involved.

Introduction to Online Business

But does that mean you’re not required to do anything? No.
In fact, for you to make money through passive means, you must
have invested lots of time, effort, and even money right from the
beginning. Only after you’ve built your business perfectly can you sit
back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. So, passive online
businesses also require hard work (even more than active
When a passive business starts to generate profits, there’s no limit
to the income you can make from it. And you can continue to make
money even when you’re sleeping (that why it’s called “passive”).
Examples of passive online businesses include affiliate marketing
and information marketing (you’ll know more about these later).
The bottom line is that both active and passive online
businesses require hard work

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So, if a self-proclaimed “genius” somewhere is promising to teach
you how to make thousands of dollars overnight or at the click of a
button, quickly raise your bullshit detectors and look elsewhere.
PS. Sports betting, investing in HYIP schemes, and being paid to read
emails or completing surveys are ways by which people make
money online. But they’re not real businesses. A real Online Business
is what you own, run, and have control over the income it brings. So,
I only teach real businesses that have permanent profit potentials.
With the above in mind, let’s look at the tools you’ll need to start an
online business

No, you don’t need to be a programmer or a graduate in marketing
or writing. And you don’t need a huge amount of cash to get started,
either. Here is a short list of all that you need:
• A computer (laptop, desktop, etc.)
• A reliable internet connection
• Basic computer skills (browsing the internet, typing,
performing simple computer operations such as uploading
images, etc.)
• Minimal writing skills. I stress the word “minimal.” All you
need is a basic ability to express yourself clearly.
• $10 per year to register your domain name. Plus hosting fees
(this varies depending on your chosen host) if you’re not going
for a free hosting platform.
• Most importantly, a strong determination to learn and take
action, and the zeal to succeed.
Having understood all that has been stated, it’s very important that
you know the hard sides of online business, as this will help prepare
your mind for the challenges ahead. You’ll learn these in the next

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Written by Abass A. Toriola | WebIncomePlus watch out for Chapter Two



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