You Can Now Play TombRaider Directly From Your Web Browser For Free

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Hello! Do you know that you can now play TombRaider directly from your web browser? Yes! it very much possible. we know some of you reading this post will ask “is TombRaider playable from your web browser?”. Yes!, Tomb Raider can be played from your web browser all thanks to TombRaider forum member XProger.

XProger worked on the open source engine of the TombRaider called OpenLara and made it available on browser so as to be accessible to everyone without having the need to download it.

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The TombRaider has a better visual but offer only the first level of the game, though you can visit browse level selector to load official levels.

TombRaider was released for PC, PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1996.

Tomb Raider modder XProger has spent the past several months working on their own browser-based version of the — 96 original Tomb Raider named OpenLara —. It’s now playable in both third and first person view.

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You can play game by clicking here to visit and play game.

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