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SEO For Begininers- How To Rank In Google

SEO For Begininers- How To Rank In Google

I will explain to you exactly what SEO is, how is work and how I use it to get my site ranking on the first page of Google. 

What Is SEO

SEO help in getting your site to the top of the search engine whatever words or word you are trying to rank for. if you have site like House painting for example, and you want your site to be at the top of Google every time someone search for House painting, then you need to use SEO to get there.

SEO is extremely lucrative because google gets many searches every day and if you do many links to get your site to the top of google for a good niche, then you can expect a massive visitors and sale every day. you can get much traffic from the social network and other places too. 

What Is SEO Stand For?

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization, which basically means it optimizing your site for the search engine. it may sound a little complicated but it really not, in fact, to get your site to the first page of Google, there are just 2 things you really need to do.

1. Have the words that you really want to rank for on your site.

2. Have other Quality sites linking to your site.

Let me explain a little bit more, the first things is having words you want to rank for on your site which we called Keywords. keywords are just a word your site is targeting if my site is targeting house painting then house painting is my keyword. and what you need to do is to make sure your keyword is placed throughout your site.

This might sound obvious but is really important, because Google will scan over your wore site looking all the words on that page to know what your site is all about and what words your site should be ranking for.

You can put your keyword in the article title, in your Domain name, in your content, in your image description, all of this google would see and say hey, I think this site must be about house painting, maybe we should have a turn-up when people Google house painting, pretty straight forward right.

Be very caution, don’t overdo it though, you don’t need to make every second’s words on your site the keyword you to want to rank for. the last thing you don’t want on your site is to say, welcome to house painting, the house painting site, house painting for people, who want to paint their house, house painting tricks, house painting books and so on. don’t do that is no need, it would just make your site look spamming to Google.

Instead just drop your keyword in here and there, make it sound natural and just keep in mind that you want to include it on your site, there is really no need to over do it. putting your keyword on your site is easy and the easy tricks is the second things you need to do to get your site ranking in google.

2. Having Other Quality Sites Linking To Your Site.

find a high-quality website to drop a link that points to your site. the reason is quite simple and once you understand this you will basically understand why some site rank better than others in google. you see Google doesn’t have time to manually go through each site and say that one is Good, that one is bad, this one should be at the top, they just don’t have some Dude seating in the desk deciding which site rank well.

What google does is, they scan every website on the internet and they look at every link on every page, then every time they see one website linking to another website, google see it as a vote for that website and give it a little Boost on the search engine.

when Google see Site A is linking to Site B, they say hay, site B must be pretty good if site A is linking to them, maybe we should rank them a little better in the search engine. Than if Site B get a lot of link from other websites, that site rise to the top of search engine.

In SEO we call that link from other sites ‘backlink’ So remember it ‘backlink’ they link from other sites to your site. and you want them because the more of them you get the better your site rank and the more money you make. So the name in the game is to really just to get high-quality backlink as possible, because if you can get more high-quality backlink than your competitor then your site will rank better, it would get more traffic and it would make more money,

You must be wondered what exactly counts as a high-quality backlink? and why don’t we can just get a link from any website?

Well, a high-quality backlink is just a link from a website that as been around for a while that establish and itself as a lot of other sites linking to it. and the reason you want a link from the high-quality website is because Google give more weight to a site that is around for a while than other website or blog that is only set-up yesterday or that is full of spam.

For example, if you want to score a link from a seriouly establish sites like Wikipedia or CNN.com then that will be weight more valuable than a link from some random blog that was only just set-up yesterday that nobody as ever heard off. and that is the reason I really focus on high-quality backlink from a high-quality website, is all about quality over quantity.

in fact many time, I have been easy to outrank website that has hundred of backlink from a low-quality website with just a handful of backlink from a high-quality website. but this’s something a lot of people don’t get about SEO. 

there are tons of guys out there running around spending all of their time building thousand of low-quality backlink from a spamming website, and they are wonder why guys like me able to outrank them with a fewer backlink.

Here is a big question I sure you may be wonder, How do will get 
High-quality backlink sites to link to us?

Is not like we can just email cnn.com and say hay link to me bro, but the things is, you don’t need a backlink from CNN because there are tons of other Establish authority website out there that would actually let you sign-up and create a link yourself.

Am talking about facebook.com, twitter.com, reddit.com, pinterest.com all of this site as well thousand of other let you create an account so you can then post your link to them, the more and another technique you can use is to search for a forum that are related to your niche. you can just search for your niche forum in Google and you will find tons of niche related forum that you can sign-up and post your link.

I will not get into where to get your link and how because I already cover that many time on this blog, basically there are tons of other quality sites you can sign-up and post your backlink to yourself. 

I know this can’t be that easy, but the thing is, it can, a lot of people is over complicate this SEO thing, they say you need to buy an expensive box of software that is worth hundred or even thousand of dollars to build thousand of backlink to your site.

the things is, you really don’t need that software, if you just stick to the basic and choose a Good low competitor niche and set-up a site that targets that niche and then you build high-quality backlink to your website, you can get top ranking, you can get visitors, and you can get sales.

Don’t go for those advanced SEO tools that do everything for you with one click, just stick to the basic and promise you my basic really works. Good Luck

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