Huawei And Google sued Over Issues With Battery on the Nexus 6P

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Even as we cherished the “last” product of Nexus cell phones, neither have matured super well. One of the greatest issues confronting Nexus 6P proprietors has been early, surprising battery shutdowns. The cause has been hazy, yet Google and Huawei haven’t done much to settle it. Presently, they’re confronting the outcomes of

Early this year a law firm laid the groundwork for this suit, and earlier this week, it made things official. The full details of the lawsuit focuses on two main issues.

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The first is, of course, the early battery shutdown. The lawsuit cites several online comments and reviews that show users’ run-ins with the battery shutdowns. The law firm further brings up 10 causes of action falling under both federal and state laws regarding advertising and warranties.

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