Libyana Mobile Launches 4G LTE Network in Libya

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First 4G LTE service has been launched in Libya. Libyana Mobile has launched 4G LTE service for all supported internet users. That is, users with supported phones and modems / mifi. Though, Libyana Mobile isn’t the only network operator in Libya, as there is also Al Madar. These are the two network operators in Libya.

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Libya does not make mobile news every day. Libya -the North African country- 4G LTE coverage is initially limited to Tripoli, Zawiya, Sabha and Misrata but reports say the service will be extended to other regions soon.

If you currently live in Libya, and you’ve got the supported phone or gadget, then get ready to enjoy 4G LTE super fast internet speed brought to you by Libyana Mobile.

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4G LTE stands for Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution, that delivers data speeds up to 10 times faster than current 3G networks. Have you ever tested the speed of 4G LTE network? Kindly tell me the network, country and your experience using the service.

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